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    Vaginas are sensitive, and
    vulvas need love too.

    We knew back in 2016 that Intimacy products needed a refresh, so we did just that - with women in mind. Our simple formulas made with good for you ingredients support your well-being and pleasure, so you can Love Yourself Well. After all, you know your body best.

    sex stuff

    $19.99 $9.99
    4.8 star rating 70 Reviews

    Do Sex Stuff with this slippery and hyper-moisturizing personal lubricant that’s pH balanced to match the vaginal environment. We care about your body so we formulate this organic lubricant to be made from 100% natural ingredients that maintain a woman’s healthy microbiome down there. You deserve it, we made it: a personal lubricant that doesn’t compromise your well-being, pleasure, or intimacy. Do Sex Stuff. Learn More

    The Killer

    4.9 star rating 878 Reviews

    Relieve yeast infections and BV within hours with our ground-breaking boric acid suppository treatment. Different from anything you’ve tried before, The Killer (lol) is made from a mineral found in sea water, working to quickly and effectively relieve oneself of pesky female infections, especially ones that are resistant to other types of treatments. Hello, overnight miracle! Learn More

    ph balancing cleanser

    $24.99 $14.99
    4.8 star rating 248 Reviews

    We all know the vagina is a self-cleansing goddess, but what about places like the vulva, the external genitalia? It wants some love too, especially from our pH Balancing Cleanser, our OB/GYN formulation made with 100% natural ingredients that won’t disrupt your precious vaginal microbiome. Learn More

    Do it all wipes

    $9.99 $4.99
    4.9 star rating 52 Reviews

    Need to freshen up quickly at home? You shouldn't have to compromise your body's natural and delicate environment down there just to stay and feel clean! We made a wipe you can trust that's pH-balanced with good for you ingredients, skin soothing elements, and is OB/GYN-recommended. Learn More


    $14.99 $7.99
    4.8 star rating 122 Reviews

    You shouldn't have to compromise your body's natural and delicate environment down there just to stay and feel clean on the go, so we made a wipe you can trust. That means good for you ingredients, skin soothing elements, pH balanced, and made from 100% cotton. Simple as that! Learn More

    the sex kit

    $49.99 $34.99
    4.8 star rating 13 Reviews

    When it comes to pleasure, your body deserves the best. That's why we've combined Sex Stuff, our lady-powered personal lubricant, with our pH Balancing Cleanser and Do It All Wipes (Home) into our Sex Kit so you can go from getting down to getting cleaned up with ease. We've made these products to support a woman's unique biology and wellness, because most drugstore products just....don't. Learn More

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