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    Vaginal Health MVPs

    pH Balancing Cleanser


    Stay fresh without disrupting your vaginal flora. Maintains healthy pH.

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    Good Girl Probiotics®


    Our #1 most-subscribed product. Maintains vaginal + urinary tract health.*

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    Perfect Condition Vitamin®


    A vitamin for your V. Balances yeast systemwide + boosts immunity.*

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    The Killer®


    The original boric acid suppository. Levels out yeast + odor-causing bacteria.

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    What Can We Help With?

    Wellness routines shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we make solution-focused products that complement each other.

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    A supportive space for women + experts (meet them below!) to connect, ask questions, and share advice.

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    Board-certified OB/GYN who focuses on combining holistic and western medicine.

    Dr. Shweta Desai

    Urogynecologist + Board-certified OB/GYN specializing in Female Pelvic Medicine.

    Dr. Gabrielle Francis

    Naturopathic Doctor with 35+ years of experience practicing holistic medicine.

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