Save 25% on all new subscriptions!
Save 25% on all new subscriptions!
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    The Love Wellness Rewards Program

    As a Club member, you’ll get closer to earning exclusive rewards every time you shop and engage with our community.

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    How It Works



    Create an account to join The Club.



    Earn points just by joining and continue to earn points by shopping and engaging with our community, The Love Club. The more you spend, the faster you earn!



    For every 100 points you earn, you’ll get $5 in credit to spend on Love Wellness!

    Earning Points is Easy

    Earn when you shop

    1 point
    per dollar spent (including subscription orders!)

    50 points
    when you add your birthday

    100 points
    when you subscribe for 3 months

    Earn when you share

    100 points
    when you write a review

    200 points
    when you film a video review

    400 points
    when you refer a friend (that’s a $20 discount)

    Earn on the love club

    5 points
    when you comment on a discussion

    10 points
    when you post a new discussion

    100 points
    when you write a review

    Earn when you're social

    25 points
    when you follow us on Instagram

    25 points
    when you like us on Facebook

    25 points
    when you subscribe on YouTube

    Points to Dollars

    Earn 100 points = Get $5 off
    Earn 200 points = Get $10 off
    Earn 300 points = Get $15 off
    Earn 400 points = Get $20 off

    How To Redeem Your Points

    Login to your Love Club account to apply your rewards to new orders and upcoming subscription orders!

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