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What You Should Use for Vaginal Dryness

What You Should Use for Vaginal Dryness

No one really looks forward to discussing sexual health concerns with their doc, and no woman is eager to share that she’s dry “down there.” At Love Wellness, we get that it can feel awkward discussing these types of intimate details with your doctor. But a dry vagina is not only uncomfortable; it can lead to itching, painful sex, and other issues. 

With that being said, if you’re one of the millions of women experiencing vaginal dryness, take comfort in a couple of facts:

  1. You are far from alone -- roughly 17 percent of women between 18 and 50 have issues with vaginal dryness during sex, and approximately one out of three women struggle with vaginal dryness during menopause. 

  2. You don’t have to put up with vaginal dryness -- there’s actually quite a bit you can do to find relief, and in many cases, the fix is simple. 

So, where do you start? First -- and this will likely be the hardest step to take -- lose the reluctance and talk with your primary care provider or gyno as soon as possible. Women’s healthcare providers are very familiar with vaginal conditions, concerns, and problems -- and most of all, they’re here to help you live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life -- yes, that most certainly means having a satisfying sex life, too!

Keep in mind that the sooner you speak to your doc, the better, as these professionals can also rule out any serious medical issues. 

Okay, now that we’ve had “the talk,” let’s explore some of the causes behind vaginal dryness and go over some of the best treatments. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

But First, What Exactly Is Vaginal Dryness? 

Simply put, vaginal dryness is a lack of natural moisture outside and inside of the vaginal area. It’s most often caused by certain meds and menopause, which can decrease estrogen production levels. This can lead to a painful experience with sex and everyday activities. Even though vaginal dryness is a really common problem, many women are still reluctant to speak out and seek help.

We’re here to change that! At Love Wellness, we celebrate vaginas, and our mission is to keep you and all your lady parts healthy, happy, and well-lubricated! 

Ladies -- vaginal dryness is not embarrassing and is, in fact, super common. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling with it! Here are some of the telltale signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Discomfort or pain during penetrative sexual intercourse
  • Light bleeding after intercourse
  • Mild vaginal discharge
  • Soreness, burning, or itching of the vagina
  • Irritation

What Are the Causes of Vaginal Dryness? 

The first step in treating dryness is figuring out the source of the discomfort -- especially if a dry vagina is causing painful sex. 

A number of conditions can lead to a lack of lubrication in your lady bits, such as:

Changes in hormones: One of the most common causes of this painful ailment is a decrease in estrogen levels during perimenopause or menopause, after pregnancy, or during breastfeeding. Cancer treatments such as radiation and chemo to the pelvis can also lead to low estrogen and a decrease in lubrication down south. 

Medications: Cold and allergy meds containing antihistamines as well as asthma medications can have a frustrating drying effect inside the body, ultimately leaving you with vaginal dryness. 

Insufficient arousal: In some cases, dryness in your nether regions may be caused by sexual issues with a partner or low libido. 

Irritants: Believe it or not, the chemicals in hygiene products, dyes, soaps, and perfumes may cause vaginal dryness problems. Many women have allergies to soaps and detergents, and there can be irritants on things like undies or bath towels. Other allergens can actually include lubes (the bad-for-you-kind) and ‘objects’ that may be placed in the vagina-- like your favorite rabbit… OK, moving on!

Anxiety/stress: Emotional and psychological factors like anxiety and stress can also interfere with sexual desire, ultimately leading to vaginal dryness when normal vaginal lubrication doesn’t occur. You see, when we get anxious or super stressed, there’s insufficient blood flow, so it’s not uncommon that we’ll experience a little bit of dryness in our nether regions. 

Treatment and Remedies 

So, you’re experiencing some vaginal dryness and are ready to kick it to the curb so you can go back to living your best life -- we can help. Here are some of the best moisturizing treatments and remedies to combat vaginal dryness:

Drink lots of H20 and stay hydrated!

Drinking six to eight glasses of good ol’ H20 daily will help keep your tissues moist, including those below the belt. 

Take a vitamin for your V.

We take multivitamins for our general health, supplements for our hair, skin, and nails, and probiotics for our gut -- so why not take a vitamin for your vagina? The Perfect Condition Vitamin from Love Wellness is a targeted daily supplement for balanced Candida yeast and vaginal health. It supports normal detoxification and immunity as well as normal levels of Candida yeast system-wide -- from the gut to the vaginal tract. Finally, an innovative supplement to keep our V’s happy, healthy, and in tip-top shape. 

Lubricant, lubricant, and more lubricant.

Many ladies achieve instant relief simply by using lube. There are at least half a dozen of these on the market, and you may need to experiment a little to find one that works best for you. Not sure where to start? Check out Sex Stuff ™ from Love Wellness -- a clean lube that supports women’s health -- and is fun, too! Made with aloe, this personal lubricant is pH balanced to match (and maintain) the vagina’s pH balance and good bacteria. Super slippery and super hydrating, Sex Stuff is free of irritating ingredients like parabens and glycerin that can disrupt your vagina’s delicate environment. What more could you ask for from a personal lubricant?!

Skip the douching. 

Seriously, ladies-- put the douche down. Toss it in the trash, throw it in the wood chipper -- whatever you do, get it away from your delicate lady bits. Douching is one surefire way to disrupt the vagina’s normal pH balance, which can ultimately lead to inflammation and dryness. 

Your vagina is an amazing, self-cleaning machine, but if you want to freshen up down there, no need to douche -- simply use the pH Balancing Cleaner from Love Wellness. This powerful yet gentle cleanser’s formula won’t irritate your sensitive skin and will help to maintain normal vaginal pH levels. 

Eat healthy, good-for-you fats.

Your body needs some fat (good-for-you-fat) daily to make adequate levels of sex hormones. 

Omega-3 fatty acids -- which have estrogen-like effects -- may help combat vaginal dryness from the inside out. You can get the recommended daily dose of Omegas from a top-notch supplement -- like XOmegas ™ from Love Wellness. Made from the purest source available -- our fish friends from the sea -- these enteric-coated capsules break down further in your digestive system, eliminating any fishy smells. Simply take one capsule per day to support vaginal wellness. 

If your dryness is due to menopause, talk to your doc about available hormone treatments such as vaginal estrogen cream. Love Wellness’s Whole Love ™ 50+ Multivitamin may also be a good option as it helps relieve six menopausal symptoms -- vaginal dryness being one of them. 

A Final Word 

Women rarely talk to their primary care providers or even each other about vaginal dryness. But at Love Wellness, we’re helping women learn to embrace their vaginas and create a new paradigm of wellness that celebrates all our lovely lady parts. 

So open up with your doc and talk about dryness or any other vaginal concerns. Talk to your S.O. about what may help in the bedroom. Join our community of amazing women to get the support you need! Remember., vaginal dryness is not your fault, and with the proper treatment and a little TLC, it can be managed and greatly improved, making an irritating and painful problem -- a problem no longer. 

If you’re struggling with vaginal dryness, Love Wellness is here to help with clean products backed by science, designed with you in mind. Speak up, get relief, and live the life you’re after -- pain-free. 



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