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    About Love Wellness

    Don't just deal. Love Yourself Well™ with our clean, body-positive personal care products and empowering education for women.

    Our Products are Made With Love

    Love Wellness sets the new standard for women's health. Our products are made with clean ingredients that range from fiber supplements, probiotics and digestive enzymes that optimize gut health, to personal cleansers, suppositories and lubricants that are made with women’s unique biology in mind. Supported by our progressive approach to body-positive education, our products are accessible to and loved by all women. We know you’ll love them too!



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    Founder’s Note

    When I launched Love Wellness in 2016, I knew from personal experience there was a serious lack of personal care products for women that were natural, safe and effective. I was a regular at my OB/GYN until I got serious about my health, became well-educated and was introduced to a doctor-recommended self-care routine that worked. What did it entail?

    First, changing my perspective on how to take care of my body. Prescriptions and drugstore remedies weren’t working for me, or weren’t made from ingredients that made my body feel good. On top of it all, the stigma surrounding personal care products for women made me feel embarrassed every time I needed a product to help me heal. I knew I needed to adopt a lifestyle that disrupted the way I had always approached wellness.

    That lifestyle change was one that took me back to the basics: eat well, exercise, sleep more, and switch to natural products made from herbs and other natural ingredients that have been used to heal for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Also - probiotics. My life changed when I began to take better care of my gut, a gut that’s constantly exposed to 21st century realities like chemicals, antibiotics and processed foods.

    With guidance from our Love Wellness Advisors and food scientists, I developed the Love Wellness system of total body care products that support a self-care routine for women that’s easy, healthy and works!

    Whether it’s your gut, a personal care issue, sleep problems, or skincare, I invite you to embark on your own Wellness Journey to take full control of your health. It’s time to Love Yourself Well™.

    - Xo Lauren

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