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Limited Time Offer: Free U.S. Shipping on all orders over $35!
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    About Love Wellness

    Here at Love Wellness, we take a sensible approach to self-care that’s body-positive, based in science, and made with what you want in mind.
    Our products are made with love: Love Wellness sets the new standard for women's health. Our supplements are made with clean ingredients to support specific self-care issues*. Our multivitamin contains 25+ vitamins and minerals for your baseline nutritional needs to support total body health and functionality*.

    We recommend taking our supplements and multivitamins together for the total body wellness routine you're looking for!

    Can you take our multivitamins and supplements together?

    Yes! Learn More

    Meet Our Founder

    Just like you I always felt like there was "something" missing when it came to taking care of my body. Namely, clean products that actually work paired with product education that helped me understand my body better to reduce the stigma that can come with women's health.

    At Love Wellness our mission is to create the wellness solutions you deserve. I'm so happy you've found us and I hope you experience that "a-ha" moment that so many women do when they join our community.


    Lo Bosworth Founder and CEO

    Our Wellness Advisors

    Our products are researched and developed by a team of women— including doctors, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners.

    Love For Love Wellness

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