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    Love Wellness is women's wellness reinvented. With a mission to modernize an archaic category, Love Wellness provides a female-first voice alongside natural, OB/GYN-recommended personal care products. Our products are holistic, with an offering ranging from OTC suppositories for common infections, to safe personal hygiene cleansers, and our line of vitamin supplements for PMS and Total Body Care. Driven by a community empowered to create a more open and honest self-care culture for women, Love Wellness creates the new standard for women's wellness.

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    When I launched Love Wellness in October 2016, I knew from personal experience there was a serious lack of personal care products for women that were natural, safe, and effective. I was a regular at my OB/GYN until I got serious about my health, became well-educated by my doctors, and was introduced to a doctor-recommended self-care routine that worked. What did it entail? Natural products, alternative relief methods, and lots of good gut bacteria. That self-care routine is reflected in our vaginal health product offering, and it’s the Love Wellness mission of creating an open, honest self-care culture that has allowed me to expand our product offering into total body care in 2018. Hundreds of 5-star reviews later, and with the help of our inspiring team of Love Wellness Medical Experts, I invite you to join us as we make women’s health a priority. We can only do it together!