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Flora Power vs. The Killer

Flora Power vs. The Killer

What is the difference between Flora Power and The Killer?

Flora Power and The Killer are both vaginal suppositories that are simple and easy to use.  They’re both free of fragrance, essential oils, and other irritating ingredients.

Flora Power has Vitamin C and Lactobacillus probiotics. Flora Power’s 2 superstar ingredients help to lower vaginal pH and reduce harmful bacteria. They also promote growth of the good vaginal bacteria. The Vitamin C in Flora Power helps to reduce inflammation and Irritation from the infections that cause itching and redness. Vitamin C also helps to revive the vaginal mucosa and lining and strengthens the vaginal immunity. Flora Power is effective for treating and preventing BV.

The Killer has one simple ingredient, Boric Acid.  Boric Acid is an effective and fast acting agent that helps to balance the vaginal pH and maintain healthy vaginal flora. The Killer helps reduce excess harmful yeast and encourage growth of good bacteria. The Killer is best used when you have symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection.


If you have symptoms of BV, then try using Flora Power as your first line of defense. You may also supplement with The Killer when the infection is not responding or if you want to prevent the yeast from overgrowing. Flora Power may be used to counteract prescription anti-fungals and prevent a yeast infection. Flora Power should be used whenever the vagina has a foul and fishy odor to freshen the vagina. Flora Power can be used to heal the vaginal irritation and inflammation following the treatment of BV or a yeast infection. It helps to repair the vaginal lining and prevent future infections when used preventatively.

For BV infection: Insert 1 Flora Power suppository before bed for 5 days.    

If you have symptoms of a yeast infection, then start with The Killer as your first line of defense.The Killer is very effective at maintaining normal yeast and microbe balance. Flora Power can also be supplemented to add extra immune protection by restoring pH, repairing the vaginal lining, and enhancing vaginal immunity. Flora Power can be used to replace the good probiotics in the vaginal following the The Killer or prescription yeast treatments in preventing future infections.    

For yeast infections: Insert 1 Killer suppository before bed for 3-7. Days. You may stop use of The Killer once the symptoms have resolved.

For General Vaginal Health and Maintenance:

Use Flora Power: 1 suppository before bed 1-2 times a week, 3 days apart. We recommend using at night, but can be used any time.

Use The Killer: 1 suppository before bed once a week. Use on a different day than Flora Power. We recommend using at night, but can be used any time.

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