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The Cleanser That Doesn't Change You

Clean ingredients protect healthy vaginal flora. pH balanced to match the pH of your vagina. No fragrance, nothing weird, nothing irritating.


Scents Don't Make Sense

Step aside, Morning Paradise and other harmful scents that harm food bacteria and sensitive skin. Our pH Balancing Cleanser is fragrance-free so you can smell like you. Revolutionary, right?

What You Don't Need to Smell Like

What You Should Smell Like. You.

Find Out What's Right for Your Body

Find Out What's Right for Your Body


While the vagina cleans itself, the vulva does not, which is where pH Balancing Cleanser comes into play!

For vaginas, it’s all about a balanced diet, female-friendly probiotics, and good personal hygiene that does not include douching, harsh soaps, or chemicals that disrupt vaginal flora.

As for the vulva, it needs safe and external cleansing to protect the vaginal environment. The pH Balancing Cleanser is designed to maintain good bacteria during cleansing instead of disrupting vaginal flora.

You can read more about maintaining a clean vaginal environment here.

The vulva encompasses all of the external organs, including the pubic mound, the labia majora and minora, the clitoris, the external openings of the urethra and the vagina. The vagina, on the other hand, is the internal muscular canal that leads to the cervix (the opening to the uterus).

Our pH Balancing Cleanser is for external use only and should only be used for the vulva and not in the vagina.

Our formula is free of fragrances, features ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, and maintains vaginal pH levels. Other cleansers typically include ingredients that contain fragrances, parabens, and sulfates that can throw off your vaginal flora, leading to discomfort. When it comes to maintaining vaginal hygiene, it's important to look for a gentle cleanser with clean ingredients that can help support your vaginal health.

Read more here about how our pH Balancing Cleanser compares to others out there!

Using clean hands, apply pH Balancing Cleanser to the vulva in the shower or bath. Gently work into a lather and rinse clean. Can be used every time you wash. Do not use a bath loofah, sponge, or towel as these may be harsh and rough on the vulva.

Yes, the pH Balancing Cleanser is gentle enough to use every day and designed with the most sensitive skin in mind.

The pH of the cleanser is 4.2. A healthy vaginal pH can range anywhere between 3.8 - 4.5, as it's unique to each person.

Our cleanser formula is free of parabens and sulfates.

Our formula does not contain fragrances (naturally derived or otherwise), since fragrances can cause irritation and disrupt your vaginal flora.

Yes, pH Balancing Cleanser is vegan and is not tested on animals.

We recommend checking-in with your doctor prior to using pH Balancing Cleanser to make sure it makes sense for you to use on an individual basis.

We've recently updated the packaging and bottle of the pH Balancing Cleanser so it's easier to use and store, however the formula is exactly the same! New look, same gentle cleanser.

We've recently updated the packaging and bottle of the pH Balancing Cleanser to remove the pump. This makes it easier to use and store the pH Balancing Cleanser while minimizing waste!

If you'd like to receive the latest bottle of pH Balancing Cleanser at its new price point immediately, you'll need to update your subscription by following these steps:

1) Log in to your Love Wellness account. If you have not created an account yet, create one here using the same email you used to purchase.
2) In your account, click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS
3) Find your subscription to the pH Balancing Cleanser, and click on the dropdown menu below the item to swap products
4) Click on the new pH Balancing Cleanser to complete your update

Once you've swapped to the new pH Balancing Cleanser, you'll see this change reflect on your next subscription order!

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