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Prevent Vaginal Itch & Odor

Don’t play catch up! Stay one step ahead of vaginal discomfort with Good Girl Probiotics®.

  • Reduces frequency of yeast infections by balancing vaginal pH*
  • Alleviates BV symptoms by supporting healthy bacteria levels*
  • Maintains urinary tract health*
  • Meet Good Girl Probiotics®

    “I had been dealing with an imbalance for months…I started taking Good Girl Probiotics® on a whim and haven’t had an issue since. It’s really crazy!”

    Helped with odor and imbalanced pH tremendously. I love Good Girl Probiotics®!”

    “Good Girl Probiotics® has been a game changer for me. The regular, on the shelf probiotics can’t compete with this product.”

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    Good Girl Probiotics®

    Probiotic · 60 Capsules

    A daily probiotic that supports a balanced vaginal pH, bacteria & urinary tract health.* See ingredients

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    • Helps to maintain a balanced vaginal pH, urinary tract functions, and healthy levels of vaginal yeast and bacteria.*
    • Our shelf-stable vaginal probiotic is made with 8 strains (most probiotics only contain 1) of good bacteria to support vaginal health and microbiome.*
    • Supports three key areas: reproductive health organs, the gut, and the immune system.*
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    • Take 2 capsules daily, preferably with a meal.
    • No refrigeration required!
    • Consult your healthcare provider before starting any supplement regimen.
    • Pair with Big Brain Probiotics™ and Gut Feelings Probiotics™ for ultimate microbiome health.
    • Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free
    • Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule and Magnesium Stearate
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    Made With Only Clean Ingredients


    Made With Only Clean Ingredients

    Lactobacillus Acidophilus
    Most-researched strain of probiotic when it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy vaginal balance.
    Lactobacillus Plantarum
    A lactic acid producer exhibiting strong antimicrobial activity against bad bacteria.*
    Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
    Shown to be able to interfere with Candida growth, and adhesion to the vaginal epithelial cells.*
    Lactobacillus Gasseri
    Promotes vaginal health by suppressing harmful bacteria and fungi.*
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    Good Girl Probiotics® FAQs

    Take 2 capsules daily, preferably with a meal. You can take Good Girl Probiotics® at a time of day that works best for you.

    A probiotic is a live bacteria or yeast that is good for you, for your digestive system, and for the many microbiomes in and on your body!

    A microbiome is a specific part of the body that is made up of microorganisms, which are managed by bacteria that originate from the gut. Our probiotics support specific aspects of our health through their unique blends of bacteria that support specific microbiomes.

    Good Girl Probiotics® work to optimize gut health while also supporting vaginal health by using strains of bacteria found in both the gut and in the vaginal flora.

    We believe the gut is the home of the immune system, and there is a vaginal-gut connection through this ecosystem of good bacteria. Therefore, Good Girl Probiotics® can work to support both your gut and your vaginal health.*

    Looking for more gut health support? Try Sparkle Fiber or Bye Bye Bloat — or find all three in our Bloating Kit!

    Yes! The shrinking/clumping you’re seeing is due to excess moisture affecting the capsule. If you keep your product in a place with a lot of humidity or moisture (like a bathroom cabinet), or if you’re in a particularly humid part of the country, this can sometimes happen. However, this won’t affect the ingredients or how well the product works, and your bottle is totally safe to consume!

    Results may take 4-8 weeks of daily use and can vary person-to-person. Consistency is key with Good Girl Probiotics®.

    Good Girl Probiotics® are shelf-stable and don't require refrigeration. We recommend storing them in a cool, dry place that isn't affected by sunlight, humidity, or constant temperature changes.

    Good Girl Probiotics® includes nondairy probiotics, but are not vegan due to the gel capsule. Good Girl Probiotics® is gluten-free.

    There are 1 billion CFUs per serving (2 capsules) at the time of manufacturing, which we've found is enough to be effective, but not put too much strain on your gut.

    The strain of bacteria in our formula, Lactobacilli, is one of the few strains of good bacteria that is resistant to the acid in your gut, so it safely makes it through your body to support your gut and your vaginal environment.

    The shelf life for all Love Wellness products is 2 years.

    Your bottle will have an MFG (manufacturing) date on the bottom or an expiration date (EXP). If you see an MFG date, your bottle is good for 2 years from the MFG date.

    The short answer: Good Girl Probiotics® helps optimize gut health and balance out bacteria in the body, while Healthy V® Vitamin helps balance out yeast in the body.

    The longer answer:

    When it comes to supporting vaginal health, the bacteria in your vaginal ecosystem creates the acidic pH balance that maintains vaginal health, helping to balance the overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria/invaders. Good Girl Probiotics® adds bacteria to the body to help maintain your acidic pH balance which in turn helps to support vaginal and urinary tract health.*

    The clean ingredient profile of Healthy V® Vitamin, on the other hand, helps maintain a healthy Candida yeast balance at the cellular level in the body. Candida yeast can live throughout your entire body, so maintaining appropriate levels is important for overall immunity, feminine health, and a balanced vaginal environment.*

    Different microbiomes in and on the body are supported by different strains of bacteria that originate in the gut. Yep! The gut microbiome is different than the vaginal microbiome or skin microbiome, but acts as the home base for all of them. Because of this, we’ve created different blends of probiotics that each focus on supporting a different part of our bodies via the gut.

    Gut Feeling Probiotics® is designed to support a calm digestive system, a balanced gut, and a healthy immune system.

    Clear Skin Probiotics® is designed to support healthy and clear skin, clear up non-cystic acne, and improve skin pores and dryness.

    Good Girl Probiotics® is designed to support vaginal health by balancing bacteria and yeast in the vagina.

    Healthy Hair Probiotics® is designed to support hair growth, hair thickness, and reduce hair loss.

    Big Brain Probiotics® is designed to support brain function and cognitive health and help maintain a healthy mood.

    Yes, you can! Since each probiotic focuses on a unique microbiome, you can take Good Girl Probiotics®, Gut Feeling Probiotics®, Clear Skin Probiotics®, Healthy Hair Probiotics®, and Big Brain Probiotics® to support different areas of your body. We recommend adding each to your regimen slowly, as too many all at once may disrupt your gut.

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