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The ultimate debloating routine

Get spa-level lymphatic drainage at home with Bye Bye Bloat® Body Care.

  • Activates your lymphatic system
  • Helps ease water retention and swelling
  • Less than $3 per massage
    • Doctor-Developed
    • Backed by research
    • Spa-level results for all
    • No parabens or sulfates
    • Doctor-Developed
    • Backed by research
    • Spa-level results for all
    • No parabens or sulfates
    • Doctor-Developed
    • Backed by research
    • Spa-level results for all
    • No parabens or sulfates

    The depuffing dream team

    Bye Bye Bloat® Body Care is designed to activate your lymphatic system, which is responsible for clearing out toxins and excess fluid in your body.
    A cloud-like mask that helps tighten your skin and boost circulation
    Bye Bye Bloat® Firming Clay Body Mask
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    A super hydrating oil for soft skin and a smooth lymphatic massage
    Bye Bye Bloat® Detoxifying Body Oil
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    A sculpting tool that makes at-home lymphatic massage a breeze
    Bye Bye Bloat® Lymphatic Massage Roller
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    Achieve spa-level sculpting at home with our expert-created routine
    Bye Bye Bloat® Depuff & Sculpt Bundle
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    A blend of botanicals and digestive enzymes for bloating relief*
    Bye Bye Bloat®
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    Why we made Bye Bye Bloat® Body Care

    You deserve spa-level lymphatic massage without the spa-level price. With health benefits that go beyond debloating, like immune system and circulation support, we wanted to make this well-studied health practice accessible for all. The luxurious 4-Step Depuff & Sculpt Routine, built around our beloved Bye Bye Bloat® Debloating Capsules*, gives you the tools and knowledge to debloat effectively and affordably from home. 

    The 4-Step Depuff & Sculpt Routine

    We worked with doctors and naturopaths to create a complete routine that uses your lymphatic system to tackle bloating from within.

    Step 1

    Take Bye Bye Bloat® Capsules to aid the debloating process with botanicals and digestive enzymes.*

    Step 2

    Apply the Firming Clay Body Mask to focus areas to prep for detox and firm the skin.

    Step 3

    Smooth on the Detoxifying Body Oil to hydrate your skin and prep for lymphatic massage.

    Step 4

    Massage your body and stimulate your lymph system with the Lymphatic Massage Roller.

    Watch the full routine

    Wake up your lymphatic system

    Before applying the Firming Clay Body Mask and Detoxifying Body Oil, use light pressure to tap the highlighted areas. This helps get fluid moving and primes your lymph nodes for drainage. 

    Get the most out of your massage

    Use the Lymphatic Massage Roller to glide over each area toward your lymph nodes, as shown. Repeat 3-7 times, reapplying the Detoxifying Body Oil as needed for a smooth and easy massage. 

    Before & after

    These real-life, immediate debloating results speak for themselves.

    Lauren B.

    Lauren W.

    Rachel R.

    Hear from an expert

    Dr. Gabrielle Francis

    "Your lymphatic system relies on muscle movement to push fluid through its channels. This means massage isn't just relaxing, it's essential. In addition to helping with bloating, the 4-Step Depuff & Sculpt Routine will leave you feeling smoother, lighter, and revitalized."

    4-Step Depuff and Sculpt Routine FAQs

    We created this body care regimen to reduce the appearance of bloating and puffiness from the outside. We recommend incorporating all of these products into a weekly routine to help alleviate bloating, and leave you feeling more energized and centered. See below for instructions for each product!

    • Firming Clay Body Mask: Before bathing, apply a generous layer on your stomach, arms, and legs. Let dry for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water to reveal firmer, smoother-feeling skin. Use as needed, and do not use the firming mask on your face.
    • Detoxifying Body Oil: Apply to dry or damp skin after showering. Massage gently into the skin to encourage circulation and visibly reduce puffiness. For best results, use our Bye Bye Bloat® Lymphatic Massage Roller. 
    • Lymphatic Massage Roller: Roll on focus areas using traditional lymphatic massage methods of massaging away from the heart and toward lymph nodes, supporting normal lymph circulation and drainage. Pressure should be light — focus on a technique that is more like stretching the skin (helping to move the fluid), rather than pressing downward (into the muscle).
    • Firming Clay Body Mask: Our cloud-like clay body mask is made to support the activation of lymph nodes for lymphatic drainage, while also promoting firm skin! 10-15 minutes after application, the ingredients in the mask, along with the sensation of it drying, should create a tightening feeling on the skin. After washing the formula away, you will notice softer, smoother, less puffy-feeling skin.
    • Detoxifying Body Oil: Our lymphatic drainage body oil is designed for use on swollen, puffy feeling skin. Paired with lymphatic massage, this works to reduce swelling, soothe inflammation, and aid in expelling toxins from the skin. 
    • Lymphatic Massage Roller: Our ergonomic massage tool, featuring 7 lymph moving roller balls, is designed to stimulate circulation and help reduce puffiness. After applying the oil and massaging your skin gently, you may notice your skin is less puffy, and that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Dry brushing is another great way to stimulate the lymphatic system, and you should use your massage roller in similar circular motions. However, you do not need to apply as much pressure with your massage roller as often instructed with a dry-brushing routine. Light, gentle, circular motions are best for a lymphatic massage roller such as this. Focus on a technique that is more like stretching the skin (helping to move the fluid), rather than pressing downward (into the muscle).

    To care for your Massage Roller, after each use, hand wash with mild soap, rinse with warm water, and then let air dry completely.


    Both the oil and the body mask are free of all harsh chemicals and parabens. Due to the inclusion of peppermint oil to help stimulate circulation, both products have a light, minty scent that will energize and center the senses. For those with extra-sensitive skin please note the addition of grapefruit peel oil and orange peel oil in the formulas include >0.0001% limonene fragrance, a great lymphatic system stimulator.

    While this bundle may be a great new addition to your pregnancy or postpartum wellness routine, considering everyone’s experience during pregnancy and postpartum is unique for a variety of reasons, we recommend checking in with your doctor or OBGYN before introducing any new products during this time. We recommend this to ensure not only that the product is safe for you to use, but also for baby!

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    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided does not constitute medical advice and should not take the place of consulting a physician. This information does not and should not replace treatment from a medical professional. If you need medical advice or assistance, you should consult a physician.