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    Good For You Ingredients
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    pH Balancing



    Love Wellness Customers said:

    The Killer helps women balance vaginal yeast and bacteria*
    Would recommend The Killer to a friend.*
    *Based on a survey of 200 Love Wellness customers who purchased The Killer.


    Balances vaginal yeast and bacteria within a normal range
    Helps when you're dealing with vaginal odor
    The Killer is manufactured for Love Wellness using Boric Acid from French sources

    Doctor's Notes

    "The Killer makes administration of boric acid so much easier. It is such a relief to no longer have to send women to special compounding pharmacies or have them make vaginal suppositories on their own. I am so happy this product is on the market."
    Dr. Christine Sterling (OB/GYN) Love Wellness Advisor

    in the press

    Product Details

    14 boric acid suppositories
    Key Ingredients:
    Boric Acid
    Directions: DO NOT TAKE ORALLY. Insert vaginally at bedtime for 7 days (and up to 14) to balance yeast and bacteria. From time to time you may benefit from using a suppository after sex (semen has a pH of 7.1-8), during the last days of your period (pH of 7.4), or when you experience other hormone imbalances. Expect some discharge over the course of the night (we like to wear a thin pad to protect our undies) but understand that this is normal. Avoid sexual intercourse during treatment.
    Full list of ingredients +
    Boric acid, gelatin capsule
    *The Killer is manufactured for Love Wellness using globally sourced ingredients.

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