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Beauty Bundle

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Supports healthier looking hair and skin.*

  • The Beauty Bundle is the perfect probiotic pack to support healthier looking hair and skin.*
  • Clear Skin Probiotics helps balance the skins microbiome to reduce the number of acne† , pimples, and improve skin pores, redness and dryness. We have included ingredients like bifidobacterium longum BB536®, a clinically tested strain of bacteria that supports clear skin and much more!*
  • Healthy Hair Probiotics will help address the root-cause reasons behind hair loss like stress, hormones and more. We have included ingredients like AnaGain™ Nu, a clinically tested protein that stimulates hair growth cycle and reduced hair loss and much more!*
  • Bundled with a vitamin organizer to always keep your beauty routine on track!

Clear Skin Probiotic: Take 1 capsules daily with food. No refrigeration required!
Healthy Hair Probiotic: Take 1 capsule daily. No refrigeration required!

Clinically Tested to Clear Acne†*
Reduces Redness & Breakouts*
Stimulates Hair Growth Cycle*
Supports Gut-Scalp Connection*



Clear Skin Probiotics

Average Rating: 4.5


Healthy Hair Probioitics

Average Rating: 4.8



Clear Skin Probiotics® : Take one capsule daily, with food, as zinc (found in our formula) can sometimes cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach. Healthy Hair Probiotics: Take one capsule daily. You can take Healthy Hair Probiotics with food though it’s not necessary.
It can take 4-6 weeks of consistent use to see results with Clear Skin Probiotics®. For Healthy Hair Probiotics, results may take 4-8 weeks of daily use and can vary person-to-person. Consistency is key with both.
A probiotic is a live bacteria or yeast that is good for you, for your digestive system, and for the many microbiomes in and on your body!
A microbiome is a specific part of the body that is made up of microorganisms, which are managed by bacteria that originate from the gut. Our probiotics support specific aspects of our health through their unique blends of bacteria that support specific microbiomes.
Yes, both probiotics contains Lactobacilli that help support your gut health.
Clear Skin Probiotics®  is not vegan and contains dairy, but is gluten-free. Healthy Hair Probiotics is vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free!
Nope! Clear Skin Probiotics® and Healthy Hair Probiotics are shelf-stable, meaning our formulas do not require refrigeration!
AnaGain™ Nu is a key ingredient in Healthy Hair Probiotics. It’s a protein derived from pea sprouts that supports hair growth, hair thickness, and reduces hair loss. AnaGain™ Nu enhances two molecules that are responsible for hair growth (FGF7 and Noggin), and by doing so stimulates the dermal papilla cells. These cells have the capability to support new hair growth, playing a pivotal role in your hair’s growth cycle.
Yes, Healthy Hair Probiotics is designed to work with all hair types! Healthy Hair Probiotics focuses on supporting healthy hair from the inside out, not necessarily on the hair itself, so it can work with various hair types by supporting our scalp’s microbiome.
Healthy Hair Probiotics combines the best probiotic strains and nutraceuticals to support follicles and our scalp’s microbiome to support hair growth, hair strength, and hair length. As always, anytime you add anything new to your regimen, we recommend checking in with your doctor/healthcare provider to ensure it makes sense for you, and they can answer any more specific questions you might have!
Healthy Hair Probiotics focuses on strengthening hair and can help in reducing split ends or minimizing hair breakage.
Given that everyone is different and unique to their health, we recommend checking in with your doctor to make sure there are no interfering or contradicting ingredients on a personal basis.
Yes! Healthy Hair Probiotics and Clear Skin Probiotics® are both designed for all adults 18+