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What You Didn’t Know About Bloating (From Someone Who Had to Learn The Hard Way)

What You Didn’t Know About Bloating (From Someone Who Had to Learn The Hard Way)

Today's note comes from the lounge chair of the CEO

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It’s Wellness Wednesday at work today meaning our team has the day off. I’ve decided to blog anyway so today’s note is coming from you poolside on Long Island. As a company dedicated to supporting women’s health I felt it was important to implement quarterly days off for the team - and I love these cherished days just as much as they do. But, let’s get to the topic at hand: bloating and how to battle it.

One of the reasons I started this company was because I was constantly bloated back in 2015 and couldn’t find a great product with clean ingredients to help me combat it. I know 2015 doesn’t feel like that far in the past but trust me when I say that nothing like our beloved Bye Bye Bloat existed back then. It was just your standard letter vitamins (like Vitamin A, B, etc.) and chalky fiber drinks (cue the orange-flavored sludge). During this time I started seeing different specialists, and a great herbalist cued me into some of her favorite ingredients that can help ease bloating in a gentle way. She also taught me the difference between bloating caused by indigestion (feelings of fullness, gas, etc.) and water weight. I always associated the two types of bloating together, and while I wasn’t incorrect that one can cause the other, there are different methods for managing them.

First, bloating from indigestion typically occurs after eating something your body is sensitive to. It may not be a full-blown food allergy or auto-immune response, but your tummy can react poorly to foods that are known to cause issues in some people when your gut microbiome isn’t at its best. Generally, proteins and healthy fats are well-tolerated by most. It’s when you get into the gluten, dairy, legume, and nightshade categories that some people struggle. You may need more of a certain digestive enzyme or a boost from probiotics to help support optimal digestion here. Another option - learn to identify which foods cause your stomach to be upset and simply avoid them.

The other - water weight - is my nemesis. Your body may hold on to extra water for a few reasons: hormonal changes, an inflammatory response to a food sensitivity, or if your liver and other detoxing organs are working overtime (like after you’ve had a few drinks). I’ve learned over time that my body doesn’t detox quite as well as other people's and that I have sensitivities to dairy and gluten. When I eat those foods or have an extra cocktail, I can run into trouble with swelling and quick weight gain. The good news? Mother Nature gives us some pretty incredible botanicals that help the body release water weight once ingested through urination.

After learning all this, I went searching for a solution. Again, I came up empty-handed way back when. As a result Bye Bye Bloat was born, a combination of organic herbs like ginger and dandelion root paired with digestive enzymes - a powerful supplement that supports normal digestion, eases hormonal and food-related discomfort, and manages excess water weight. You can get our best-selling solution at Love Wellness, Amazon, Target, and Ulta.

More to come,

Lo Bosworth

Founder/CEO of Love Wellness

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