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Thinking About Going Commando? 3 Benefits You Didn't Know About

Thinking About Going Commando? 3 Benefits You Didn't Know About

When it comes to going commando we say DO YOU! Having reservations about this taboo topic is totally valid but besides the obvious no panty lines benefit, ditching your underwear can actually work wonders for your vaginal health!

Prevents Yeast Infections 

Believe it or not, going sans underwear can help prevent frequent yeast infections. Yeast infections along with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) are caused by a bacterial overgrowth in the vagina which often occurs due to excessive humidity or even consuming large amounts of simple sugars and carbs such as alcoholic beverages. If you get yeast infections often then toss the underwear and try letting your vagina breathe a little bit to help prevent moisture from accumulating! If you prefer wearing underwear then make sure to use undergarments with a cotton or natural fiber crotch.

Bye Bye Discharge/Vaginal Odor 

Ok, going commando isn’t going to stop discharge and vaginal odor completely. It’s perfectly normal for you to experience the two but if you’re not ventilating properly down there then an overgrowth of yeast is likely to occur which will lead to greater vaginal discharge and foul odors that nobody wants to deal with! If you begin to experience an unusual amount/consistency of discharge along with an undesired odor then you more than likely have an infection so be sure to get checked out. 

Prevents Chafing 

If you love to show off your figure by wearing tight clothing, then going commando from time to time may benefit you! If you’re wearing underwear under your tight clothing (ie. bodysuit, leggings) then the friction generated by it may cause chafing and irritation to occur. On the flip side, it’s not recommended to be underwear free when wearing a thicker, rougher material such as a snug pair of jeans because chafing can occur when your vulvar tissue rubs against the clothing. Your best bet is to ditch the undies when wearing a softer fabric or loose, boyfriend jeans!

Giving your vagina a breather can not only help to keep its health in check but it can also give a boost to your confidence! You may find that knowing you’re not wearing any underwear may make you feel sexier and even boost excitement between you and your partner when enjoying each others company 

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to ditch your undies is a personal choice, so whether you keep ‘em or lose ‘em, just make sure to always give your lady v the attention she deserves by showering frequently, changing out of workout clothes immediately and even refreshing after a workout, flight, or right before date night!

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