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The Weirdest Wellness Finds in My House

The Weirdest Wellness Finds in My House

Today's note comes from the desk of the CEO

Category: Balance

As the founder of a wellness company, it’s pretty easy for me to go down the rabbit hole of attempts at bio-hacking and a willingness to try anything at least once (I skipped the vaginal steaming trend though for obvious reasons - that much heat won’t serve your vaginal microbiome very well).

Presented without too much comment, are some of the Wellness Finds you can stumble upon in my house:

  1. A bedroom converted into a wellness sanctuary with
    1. A 1-person infrared sauna
    2. An infrared bag that I no longer use (lol)
    3. Gym flooring from Amazon I pieced together
    4. A weird machine that makes soothing shapes in the sand that someone sent to me and is still in the box
  2. A closet stocked with every Love Wellness product you can find. I counted and I believe I have 12 bottles of Good Girl Probiotics stashed away in there. If you ever need a free sample, you know where to go.
  3. A facial steamer for extractions because I got tired of going to the spa
  4. A facial microdermabrasion tool for the above reason
  5. No fewer than 3 blenders (I have a Vitamix, a Ninja, and another brand I can’t remember)
  6. Organic Chlorella Tablets for heavy metal and mold detox (they smell like fish food)
  7. No crystals - I think someone gave me a crystal that was purposefully cursed with bad luck a few years ago so I tossed it and all the others I had laying around the house.

If I came to your house what wellness finds could I discover?

More to come,

Lo Bosworth


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