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The Difference Between a Supplement and a Multivitamin

The Difference Between a Supplement and a Multivitamin

What is a supplement, really? Is it different from a multivitamin? The answer is Yes.

Our new complete multivitamin Daily Love™ is just that: a complete multivitamin. It provides you with the nutrients from vitamins and minerals that help the body perform vital and basic functions like keeping the heart beating and digesting food.*

Our supplements on the other hand are made from a wide variety of clean ingredients like organic herbs and digestive enzymes that help support more specific wellness concerns, like vaginal health or bloating.*

Both types of products are important, but are made for different reasons. Take your Daily Love™ complete multivitamin everyday to cover your nutritional needs, and use our supplements to help with bloating, vaginal health, metabolism, sleep, stress, and more.*

And, don’t forget our personal care products! If you’ve ever been disappointed by the “Feminine Hygiene” aisle at the drugstore, we’re right there with you. Our personal care products (think suppositories and cleansers) help you take care of your vaginal health in clean, safe, and innovative ways. 

Our products are meant to be taken together, so feel free to pair Good Girl Probiotics with Daily Love™ and our pH Balancing Cleanser, as an example. We like to follow our 21/90™  rule with new products - it takes 21 days to build a routine and 90 days to make it stick. We recommend a subscription to make 21/90™  hassle-free so you feel well and keep it going everyday after the first 90. You’ll see how easy it is to Love Yourself Well™ .


Lo Bosworth

Founder and CEO

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Build Your Customized Routine in 30 Seconds

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