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Feeling Off Down There? Tips on How to Stay Fresh All Day Long

Feeling Off Down There? Tips on How to Stay Fresh All Day Long

Ladies, let’s be honest -- talking about feminine care sometimes seems to be a rather taboo topic. We never feel totally comfortable when we’re not feeling 100 percent fresh down there, but we also don’t want to ask someone their advice or admit to the issue at hand either. It’s a tricky situation!

The only process that really seems to work on finding the right answers is typing endless Google searches. Why does feminine care need to become such an awk conversation? 

Let’s dive in!

OK, So What Exactly Is Feminie Care?

First of all, feminine care has more names than Snoop Dogg. Among its many aliases, feminine care is sometimes referred to as feminine wellness, feminine hygiene, or vaginal care. But it’s basically a category of women’s health that involves taking care of your area down south. 

Feminine care includes using personal hygiene products such as wipes, washes, toners, tampons, and pads. 

There are two different types of feminine care: internal and external. Internal feminine care refers to your vagina, and your vagina is magically self-cleaning, so it really doesn’t need much maintenance. 

External feminine care, on the other hand, refers to the outside of your vagina -- the vulva -- which would benefit from a little extra TLC down there. 

Why Is Feminine Hygiene Important?

At its core, feminine hygiene is for feeling and smelling fresh. It’s perfectly normal for your vagina to smell a little -- what’s not so normal is if it starts to smell a lot or produces a “fishy,” unpleasant, or abnormal smell. 

Let’s break it down -- there are a ton of reasons for vaginal odors: pH imbalance, excessive sweating, certain foods, scented soaps, menstruation, etc. Feminine hygiene doesn’t only keep odors at bay and you feeling comfy-cozy in your own skin, it’s crucial to preventing infections as well. 

Your vagina’s delicate pH balance changes during your monthly period, so the risk of bacterial infection is higher-- which is why keeping clean is actually really important to your vaginal health. 

How To Stay Fresh From Sunup To Sundown

Want to feel fresh all day, every day? Worried about being the reason behind that “weird smell” that won’t leave your nose? Never fear -- Love Wellness is here to help! 

Here are the best tips on how to stay fresh all day long:

Tip# 1: Let Your Bits Breathe

It’s super necessary to let your lady bits breathe -- especially at night. Leaving sweat or any kind of moisture down there will throw the pH of your vagina off, which can ultimately result in questionable smells -- no, thank you!

Try sleeping commando or stick with breathable cotton undies. 

Tip# 2: Say NO To Douching

Sure, we all love smelling “summery fresh” down under, but douching will strip your vagina from the “good” bacteria, which naturally regulates your pH balance. And when your pH balance is out of whack, funky smells are sure to follow suit. So, what’s a girl to do? 

Skip the douche and use the pH Balancing Cleanser from Love Wellness instead. This OB/GYN-recommended cleanser is truly one of a kind. It’s made with good-for-you ingredients that maintain vaginal pH levels and good bacteria during cleansing, unlike bar soaps and commercial cleansers that are too harsh for this delicate part of our body. 

Made for women to support and guard their precious vaginal environment while practicing personal hygiene, this powerful yet gentle cleaner contains no questionable or icky ingredients -- which, if you ask us, is really good to know considering where it’s being used! 

Say ‘thank u, next’ to perfumed soaps that can dry or irritate your skin and stick with Love Wellness for clean, science-backed ingredients that actually work. 

Tip# 3: Take A Probiotic

You would never have thought taking a simple probiotic supplement like Good Girl Probiotics from Love Wellness would keep you fresh -- but it’s true. Studies have shown that “good” bacteria can help fight one of the most common causes of vaginal odor -- candida infection (a.k.a. yeast infection). 

Good Girl Probiotics is unique and is made with eight powerful strains of good bacteria for vaginal health, whereas most probiotics only contain one. All you need is to take two capsules a day to keep your vagina balanced, healthy, and happy. 

A Final Word 

If you’re feeling a little ‘off’ down there, don’t stress -- it’s perfectly normal and happens to the best of us! Keep in mind your vagina is an amazing self-cleaning organ and while it might be tempting to hose her down with every soap and cleanser in your shower caddy -- don’t

Take a deep breath, put the douche down, and use the pH Balancing Cleanser from Love Wellness instead. This powerful yet gentle cleanser is all you need to maintain your vaginal pH levels and good bacteria to keep your lady bits in tip-top shape.

Here at Love Wellness, we take a sensible approach to self-care that’s body-positive, based in science, and made with what YOU want in mind. For all of your feminine needs -- regardless of what they may be -- we’re here to help. 



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