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How To Maintain Urinary Tract Health

How To Maintain Urinary Tract Health

Count yourself #blessed if you’ve never experienced a UTI before-they’re a real pain in the urethra and extremely annoying!

As if us women don’t already go through enough with our bodies, Urinary Tract Infections tend to affect more women than men since we have a shorter urethra which reduces the distance that bacteria needs to travel to reach the bladder. Symptoms of a UTI include a burning sensation when peeing, pelvic pain and the strong, constant need to urinate even if little comes out. 

So what even causes you to get a UTI?! A few things! Sex is a common factor because it can introduce bacteria into the urinary tract, wearing tight undergarments, E.coli (bacteria from the rectum), dehydration and vaginal hygiene products such as douches & washes.

The good news is there are plenty of ways for you to avoid contracting the dreaded UTI.

Wipe Front to Back

Yup, just like mama taught you! The most common type of UTI is from E.coli which is a bacteria that can be introduced into your vagina and urethra if you wipe from back to front. It’s imperative you ALWAYS wipe front to back to help keep everything away from where it doesn’t need to be.

Drink Water

Hydrate yo’self! By drinking a lot of water throughout the day you’ll pee more frequently which will help to flush out bacteria.

Don’t Hold It In

Yes, peeing frequently can be an inconvenience but it’s essential you let it out! Whenever you feel the need to urinate, GO – by holding it in, you’re giving bacteria in your urinary tract the opportunity to grow and that is no bueno. 

Avoid Douching & Scented Vaginal Products

Your vagina already has the power to cleanse itself so there is absolutely no need to use products that contain harmful chemicals that can kill off the good bacteria and throw off your vaginal pH. Only use water or all-natural cleansers such as our pH Balancing Cleanser to keep your vagina clean and fresh. 

Pee After Sex

By all means get it in with your boo but make sure to pee after having sex that way you clean out bacteria in your urethra. Peeing before sex is also helpful so if you have time to take a quick trip to the bathroom, please do!

Change Out Of Workout Clothes ASAP

Vag sweat. It really is a thing after a good workout sesh which is why you should avoid sitting around in your workout gear. If you don’t have time to shower at the gym then change into a fresh pair of cotton underwear (they allow your vagina to breathe more than any other material) and try our Do It All Wipes to give yourself a quick refresh!  

UTIs can be totally avoidable as long as you take these precautionary measures. At LW we care about you babes and don’t want you to suffer the pain and embarrassment of a UTI so we’ve created UTI Don’t Think So! This new all-natural supplement is formulated with the active ingredient Proanthocyanidins (PAC),which helps to maintain urinary tract health by blocking specific types of UTI bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall. By taking 1 capsule at the same time daily in addition to increasing your water intake, you’ll be helping to prevent future UTIs which makes this a medicine cabinet must have!! 

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