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The Holy Grail To A Fresh Love Life

The Holy Grail To A Fresh Love Life

What do Sex Stuff, Do It All Wipes, Ph Cleanser and The Killer have in common?They make up the Holy Grail to a fresh love life. Now not to say your love life isn’t fresh, but we all have had those last-minute nightcaps that can throw us a little off down there.

Thankfully, Love Wellness has got you covered. With this Holy Grail there are no amount of nightcaps that can throw you off your game. So here is when and how to use this powerful quad to keep things fresh. 

Add In Sex Stuff For Your Ultimate Pleasure

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by lube. It’s the absolute worst when you find a random tube of lube lying around thinking it’s going to enhance your lovemaking, but all it does is give you a rash for the next three days sans the climax. The problem is most lubricants disrupt the microbiome down there causing irritation. Sex Stuff is made with organic aloe vera, quinoa, and is free of glycerin, parabens and harsh chemicals plus it’s FDA cleared. So you can slip and slide all night without throwing off your pH balance. 

Spruce It Up With Do It All Wipes

Feel like cuddling instead of taking a shower? No worries, because the Do It All Wipes will spruce you up until you can shower. This OB/GYN recommended wipe is gentle enough for your delicate skin around your vulva. The travel pack can be taken on the go and small enough to fit into a clutch. Also great to use as a freshen up prior to hooking up. 

Always Wash With Ph Cleanser In The Shower

Now, this is an every time you shower step that should be added to your routine. Swap out whatever body wash you are using with our pH balancing cleanser. Traditional personal hygiene products and soap bars are filled with chemicals that may kill good vaginal bacteria, alter your acidic pH with basic formulations, and lead to infection. The pH Balancing Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that gets the job done without disrupting the vaginal microbiome. Regular use of the cleanser will help maintain your pH and prevent it from irritants. 

Keep It Clean With The Killer

Boric acid suppositories have never been easier to get with The Killer. No need for a trip to the pharmacy because with The Killer your yeast infections and BV will literally be killed within hours. Semen has a pH of 7.1-8 so things can feel a little off after sex. Although taking The  Killer after sex is recommended you can also take it a day or two before you know you will be swapping pH’s to make sure everything is pristine and clean. 

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