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My Favorite Hangover Cures

My Favorite Hangover Cures

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Sometimes the day after drinking can make you never want to drink again. The good news is that there are healthier “cures” for the morning after than a greasy cheeseburger and fries. Try my Backstage Alternatives to replenish much-needed vitamins, minerals, and fluids:

Detox: A good place to start is the detox shake. Using it as part of the detox leads to a cleaner liver, but it can also be used on the morning after to help you replenish lost vitamins and bounce back. Also, the more hydrated you are, the more your symptoms will ease. Replenish with electrolyte replacements like coconut water and vegetable bouillon along with 8–10 glasses of water to flush toxins.

Nourish and hydrate: Pass on the leftover pizza and eat easy-to- digest foods like oatmeal, rice, and soup.

Supplement: B-complex, Emergen-C (1–2 packets daily), and vi- tamin C (1,000 mg) to replenish your vitamin levels. Add herbal remedies to support your liver, like dandelion tea (1–2 cups) or milk thistle (per bottle instructions).

Treat: Get at least 8–10 hours of sleep. A sauna, steam, or exercise will help you sweat out the toxins. And if you can get to your acupuncturist, ask for add-on acupuncture points: ST 36, LI 4, ST 44, LV3, PC 6. 

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Dr. G



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