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Meet Amber Vittoria, the Artist Behind Our Multivitamins

Meet Amber Vittoria, the Artist Behind Our Multivitamins

When creating our new multivitamins, we knew that the outside of the product had to be just as magic as what’s inside. Enter Amber Vittoria: NYC-based artist and the creator of the colorful illustration that will soon brighten up your medicine cabinet. 

While working in the fashion industry, Amber grew weary of the way women are portrayed in media. As a result, her pieces focus on subverting the expectations that advertising places on female bodies by featuring figures of all shapes and sizes. 

We recently caught up with Amber to discuss her creative inspirations, as well as the process of designing the packaging for our latest products.

Q: What does your creative process look like?

A: My process begins with sketches, evolves to works in progress, and with time become a finalized piece of art - sometimes it involves elements drawn by hand and other times it is full digital. 

Q: How did you go about developing the vitamin illustrations?

The stories behind each vitamin offering inspired the figures themselves - creating a portrait of the women using the vitamins. 

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: The women in my life, and the women I pass by out in the world heavily inspire my work. My palettes, however, tend to be inspired by nature. 

Q: Is there a color that you're loving right now?

A: It changes daily, but today my favorite color is cobalt!

Check out more of Amber’s work on her website, and find out all about our new line of multivitamins here.

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