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6 Debunked Multivitamin Myths You Need to Know Now

6 Debunked Multivitamin Myths You Need to Know Now

At Love Wellness, our mission is to create clean, high-quality products that do more for women than the other junk out there. Equally as important is the education process that comes with creating innovative wellness products, and we work hard to make products in the right way for your body. When we started researching multivitamins, we learned A LOT about this product category and discovered that most of the products on the market for women are … lame. It turns out many multivitamins are being sold with questionable amounts of ingredients, types of ingredients, and deceiving marketing messaging at high prices. With this info in hand, we went to work to make you the complete multivitamin that's actually made of more, because you deserve it.

Meet Daily LoveTM, our complete multivitamin that’s doctor and food scientist developed, made with 25+ vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals, and comes complete with White Papers so you can learn why Daily LoveTM is the real deal. Add in a free bottle of XOmegasTM with every order, our enteric-coated Omega 3 capsules, and you’ll finally be getting “the more” you deserve from your multivitamin.

Oh, and here are some of those big multivitamin industry myths you believed… until now. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Myth #1: You can get all the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet.

Well, yes and no. In a perfect world, we’d be eating three nutritious, organic meals a day or—dare we say—even growing our own fruits and veggies. The real problem is that the soil itself is deficient in vitamins and minerals due to our current farming methods, which makes it almost impossible to get basic nutrients just from our diet. Even if we could, other factors like stress and environmental toxins deplete our bodies of nutrients. 

“Even with a balanced diet, there is no guarantee that we will get all the nutrients we need to lead a healthy life,” says Love Wellness Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Jodie Horton, “that's why nearly nine in ten Americans are deficient in more than one vitamin and mineral.”

That’s where Daily LoveTM, a complete multivitamin by Love Wellness comes in. Along with eating whole foods, our Daily LoveTM (and the free bottle of XOmegasTM with every order) complete multivitamin helps to close this nutritional gap and protect us from the damage of stress and toxins. 

Myth #2: "Vitamin overflow" is a thing.

Nope. Despite essential nutrients being present in the foods we eat, they may not be present in sufficient levels, and some women may need higher amounts of some vitamins to meet recommended daily allowances (that’s why our philosophy is more is more).

“Since most people don't even know if they are deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, it is better to overdo it, except for fat-soluble vitamins,” says nutritionist and Love Wellness Advisor Molly Knauer. She continues, "the right way to boost your daily routine is with a complete multivitamin with a broad spectrum of ingredients, not by choosing an incomplete multivitamin formula or by mixing and matching single-ingredient vitamins. That's where you can get into trouble if you take too many of those fat-soluble vitamins on their own." Plus, if you have enough of a certain nutrient already, your body will simply eliminate the extra through your urine. No harm, no foul.

Some brands even use the concept of risking broad "vitamin overflow" from taking complete multivitamins —one that doesn’t exist in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine research—to sell you fewer nutrients for the same price or even more. We’re looking at you - pretty, clear vitamins.

When researching the right capsule to use, multivitamin manufacturers told us those gorgeous vitamins are made with a "capsule within a capsule" design that is high on style, but may be low on performance. Why? The "capsule within a capsule" suspends powdered vitamin and minerals in tiny capsules within an oil and outer capsule, but may limit the volume of ingredients that fit inside in an effort to maintain the uniquely beautiful look of these vitamins. So they look fancy, but all you get with this type of vitamin is fewer nutrients, because fewer ingredients may be able to physically fit inside it. Limited ingredients masked by a marketing message that fewer nutrients in a multivitamin is better for you? Not cool. Not cool at all.

So if you can't get everything you need from food, most people don't know what they're deficient in, and broad "vitamin overflow" isn't real, isn't it better to take a complete multivitamin than one that lacks the nutrients you may need? Daily LoveTM doesn’t sacrifice your health for capsule design or style. Our multivitamin comes packed with the 25+ vitamins, nutrients, and extra nutraceuticals you need everyday to be and feel your best. And don’t forget the free bottle of Omega 3s that comes with every order.

Myth #3: All multivitamins are created equal. 

We get it. Sweet gummy supplements, "food-based" and "all-natural" multivitamins are super enticing. But it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Quite a few multivitamins on the market claim to be food-based or made from natural ingredients, but the vitamins and minerals present in the formula are actually extracted from synthetic vitamins and minerals.

“Food-based”  or “natural” multivitamins may have some food-based and real ingredients in them, but deceptively market they are “healthier” or “cleaner” options than other multivitamins. They aren’t. The majority of the vitamins and minerals in these food-based multis are still synthesized (just like every multivitamin out there - including ours).

So yea, the broccoli powder or "natural" source of iron you see on the label isn't really what it's cracked up to be. You simply can't get enough broccoli powder into a small capsule to result in the vitamin and mineral output claims on the label, and most of the ingredients in multivitamins have to go through some kind of chemical process to be turned into a powder or compound.

To make matters worse, “food-based multivitamins may use freeze-dried foods in their formulas, but they are not shelf-stable and they lose potency in the process of manufacturing,” says Love Wellness Advisor Dr. Gabrielle Francis, “Daily LoveTM replenishes nutrients depleted by the stressors and toxins of modern life in a reliable way without making deceiving claims about the sources of its ingredients. Companies are fooling women into believing a 'food-based' multivitamin is a better or healthier option when it's just not the reality.” A fully “food-based” or “natural” multivitamin just doesn’t exist. That technology hasn't been invented yet.

Sadly, your beloved gummy is no better. Love Wellness Advisor and nutritionist Kylene Bogden says: "There are two major reasons why gummy vitamins are not ideal. First, they always contain added sugar and many times added chemicals, binders and artificial coloring as well. Second, it is simply not possible to compile all the necessary nutrients into a gummy or chewable. Quantity is always compromised and quality usually follows suit." Bummer. 

Myth #4: Not everyone needs a multivitamin.

According to studies, 92% of Americans are deficient in some form of vitamin or mineral essential to living a healthy life. It’s also close to impossible to get everything you need from diet alone (see: myth #1). 

“Daily LoveTM is unique because it contains vitamins and minerals that most people don’t get even with a well-balanced diet according to studies,” says Dr. Horton.

As we get older, it becomes harder to absorb micronutrients. Because of this, you should be looking for a multivitamin like Daily LoveTM that is tailored to different stages of life, gender, and more specific nutritional needs like pregnancy or menopause. Because vitamins are rapidly depleted by stress, diet, poor gut health, medications, and even genetics, it’s super important to make up for deficiencies and poor absorption with the right dose. 

Myth #5: It’s better to take single-nutrient formulas of what I need. 

Vitamin formulas with high-doses of single nutrients are potentially harmful as they may throw off the nutrient balance of other vitamins. Vitamins and minerals must be full-spectrum and comprehensive in order to maintain the proper balance in the body and not cause other imbalances.

Daily LoveTM and XOmegasTM provide the nutrients necessary to support Women’s health by balancing blood sugar, supporting hormone balance, and rejuvenating energy levels. They are designed to be a foundational multivitamin for daily use and ensure a well-rounded balance of nutrients necessary to optimal health and wellness.

Myth #6: Daily LoveTM is just like every other multivitamin. 

Not. even. close. At Love Wellness, our multivitamin philosophy is this: more is more. That’s why we include more of what women need at every stage of life, more of the nutrients you can’t get from other brands, more education, and more all-over goodness in the form of a free bottle of XOmegasTM — our crucial source of oh-so-important omega 3s for heart, brain, and inflammation support. 

“When we say we are adding more nutrients, we are approaching supplementation with the same balance that we would see when these nutrients occur in food and nature, therefore our body assimilates it as food,” says Dr. Francis, “Daily LoveTM is daily confidence.”

Our multivitamins contain biologically active forms of vitamins that your body can absorb and use efficiently, plus they include extra herbal supplementation. The addition of herbal supplements addresses common issues that women may experience during certain life stages, like support with stress, PMS symptoms, improved energy and more. Switch to Daily LoveTM today, the complete multivitamin you deserve.*

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