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Let's Talk: Vagina Probs

Let's Talk: Vagina Probs

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the vagina in check. A lot can happen down there, and let’s be real: it’s easy to worry when something feels off! Vaginas are delicate, and the slightest issue can throw them out of whack. Whatever your concerns are, it’s important to not freak out. Remember: you are not alone.

We’re here to talk freely about common concerns and take the hush-hush out of vaginal health.

Demystifying Discharge

Often, women will go to the doctor with concerns about vaginal discharge. To be clear, vaginal discharge is normal and healthy! Vaginas produce about a teaspoon of clear or white mucus that is mostly odorless every day. The amount and consistency can vary from one vagina to another, and throughout the menstrual cycle. 

Vaginal discharge acts as a lubricant and removes bacteria, dirt, and germs out of the vagina, which depends on healthy and balanced pH levels. Problems occur when this balance is upset, and bacteria and fungus overgrow. This can cause yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and potentially recurrent UTIs.

Probiotics For The Win

To help maintain a healthy vagina and bladder, you can take a daily probiotic. (Yes, they benefit both the gut and the genitourinary system!)

An ideal vaginal probiotic will contain healthy bacteria like lactobacilli, which help balance vaginal pH levels. Lactobacilli also decrease the risk of vaginal infections by preventing bacteria like E. coli (a common cause of UTIs) from adhering and growing in the vagina and bladder. By improving your gut and vaginal flora with probiotics, you’ll prevent potential infections a positive impact on the urinary tract.

Good Girl Probiotics is made with 8 strains of good bacteria for vaginal, gut, and immune health—most probiotics only contain one.*

Keeping It Fresh (and Fragrance-Free)

Vaginal odor can be a common cause of confusion or insecurity. (We’ve been there!) There are a lot of possible causes, and most of them aren’t anything to worry about. For instance, the vulva has the highest concentration of sweat glands on the body. That means tight clothing or any athletic activity can cause you to sweat, increasing vaginal odor. Showering after you exercise, wearing loose, breathable clothing, and avoiding moisture-trapping pantyliners and pads can all help reduce sweat and odor.

There are other key factors that affect vaginal odor, like cleansing. While your vagina is self-cleaning and therefore does not require special products, cleansing your outer vulva can keep you feeling fresh and confident. Using soaps with dye and perfumes, sprays, or douching can seriously throw off your vaginal pH, so it’s important to take care when choosing a personal product.

Opt for gentle formulas and cleansers without harmful scents that affect good bacteria levels or irritate sensitive skin. 

Our OBGYN-recommended pH Balancing Cleanser is an external, fragrance-free cleanser formulated without any pH-disrupting ingredients, making it safe enough for daily use to always keep you balanced.

Treating your body right makes all the difference when it comes to vaginal health. From probiotics to pH levels, you’re in control. And, if you’ve got Qs about what goes on down there, we hope you’re never afraid to ask.

- Dr. Jodie Horton, Board-certified OB/GYN and Love Wellness Advisor

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