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Let's Talk: Sex

Let's Talk: Sex

Whether you’re into spontaneous sex or a scheduled romp in bed, tips are always helpful in making your sex life better.

Knowing what you like and don’t like helps clarify what brings you pleasure and leaves you feeling satisfied. What gives you gratification may be different from others, but sex should always feel fantastic. Better sex is a form of communication and self-care. 

Here are some tips to make your sexual experiences even better.

  • Be in the Moment. It's important to be in the right headspace. Stress and life can often get in the way of being present and simply enjoying your partner. Whether it's a quickie, self-masturbation, or an intimate sexual act, forget about your to-do list and carve out time for real intimacy.

  • Set the Mood. There's nothing wrong with taking the time to get in the zone! Dim the lights, run a bath, light some candles—anything you think might be sexy and relaxing. It shows your partner that you've gone the extra mile to be intimate with them. Setting the mood allows you to start with an open mind, an open heart, and a judgment-free zone for yourself and your body.

  • Explore. Get curious about your body and your partners’. Exploring your own body and self-masturbation will help you learn what you like and what brings you pleasure. Touch and intimately know your partner's body too. All of this will help you find out what you both like and don't like.
  • Don’t Forget Foreplay. Foreplay is so! important! It serves a physical and emotional purpose to prepare the body and mind for sex. Foreplay is essential for arousal. Blood flow increases to the genitals, making the vagina more lubricated and making it easier to get in the mood.

  • Try Something New. It's always fun to get adventurous, whether it’s having sex in a different room, trying a new position, or exploring role-play. You might discover something new that you like, keeping the spark alive all the while.

  • Take Your Time. Time spent after sex is just as important as the act itself. Be intentional about checking with your partner afterward, emotionally and physically. Cuddle, kiss, complement each other, or take a nap together. When you get up and go immediately after sex, you quickly lose the intimacy that was just shared.
  • And, for post-post-sex improvement, be sure to check in with your vagina, too! Below are tips on healthy vaginal maintenance after intimacy.

  • Use a Gentle Cleanser. Gently cleansing after sex can help protect you from bacterial infections like UTIs. Your vagina is self-cleaning, but your vulva can always be freshened up with fragrance-free formulas that don’t disrupt pH levels.
  • Our OBGYN-recommended pH Balancing Cleanser is an external, fragrance-free cleanser formulated without any pH-disrupting ingredients, making it safe enough for daily use to always keep you balanced.

  • Try Suppository Support. If a fishy new vaginal scent arises after sex, it could be time to break out the suppositories. Boric acid has been used for years as a secret weapon to combat unpleasant intimate smells, so if you’re battling odors down under, a single-ingredient boric acid suppository will be your vagina’s new best friend. Use on the spot, as needed, or for a few days in a row. Simply insert the powerful suppository vaginally a lookout for a little discharge. After a day or two, you’ll be right as rain. The Killer (Boric Acid Suppository) is developed by doctors and free of disruptive additives, making it easy to balance pH and maintain healthy yeast levels so you can feel fresh and smell your best.

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