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Let's Talk: Poop

Let's Talk: Poop

Poop is the window to the soul.

At least that’s what I, a dietitian specializing in gut health, like to tell my clients. Sure, it’s a bit of a weird joke, but at the same time, someone’s stool can provide me with more insight on their overall health than advanced testing at times!

The way you assimilate and digest the food that you eat can make all the difference in your energy, gut-brain function, and long-term health.

So, how do we know if we are making the most of our intake? Well, there are three golden rules of stool:

    1. You should feel well during and after your meal. This means no bloating, very minimal gas, no fatigue, and no unexpected sprints to the bathroom.

    2. Your stool should be well-formed and flow easily. This means no rapid rocketship explosions, nor should you be able to finish a full episode of your favorite show before the stool is released.
You should go at least once daily, ideally twice.

If you ever feel that you’re missing the mark, be sure to monitor hydration, aim for half a plate of fresh produce at each meal, and take in 25-40g of fiber each day. Making an effort to rotate food can also help tremendously. 

While beans, the skin on fruits and veggies, chia seeds, and oats are some of the top contenders for adding more fiber to your daily routine, fiber supplements are also an excellent way to put a little icing on that cake. Think of them as a little added push to the solid foundation you’ve built with proper nutrition and hydration.

Sparkle Fiber contains an all-natural formula that supports digestion, helps the body remove toxins for glowing skin, and improves energy so you can take on your day.*

So, do yourself a favor this year! Ditch the highly-processed fake fiber bars at the grocery store and focus on real foods that are colorful and fiber-rich. Once this habit is set in place, invest in a high-quality fiber supplement that actually works.

Implement all of these tips, and you’ll be a lean, mean, pooping machine.

Kylene Bogden, Registered Dietitian & Love Wellness Advisor

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