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How To Transition To Using Natural Products

How To Transition To Using Natural Products

When you think of making changes for a healthier lifestyle, diet, exercising regularly and getting good quality rest will most likely be the first things to pop into your head but it’s also important you not overlook another area that impacts your daily and long-term health and that is the types of cleaning and personal products you use day in and day out! 

You may be wondering why it’s even necessary to swap out products generations before you have used for years but thanks to technology we now have more knowledge about products and the ingredients used in them. Many of the ingredients found in our daily products that are commonly sold in our local grocery and drugstores are linked to a variety of health problems such as skin irritations, allergies, reproductive issues and even cancer!

Making the switch to using natural products may seem a bit intimidating, however, the good news is it doesn’t have to happen over night! You can begin the transition one product at a time and at your own pace to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Think of this as a learning process meant to be enjoyed and have you feeling good about the new, positive changes you are making.

To help you go natural (product wise that is) we’ve come up with a few tips to ease you into the transition.


Before you can even think about switching to natural products, you must first educate yourself about the ingredients you should be avoiding in the first place. Some of the most common harmful ingredients found in toxic products are: Parabens, Phthalates, Triclosan, Triclocarban, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Fragrance.

Make A List Of What You Actually Use

Don’t go out unnecessarily buying all of the natural products you see. Be practical and make a list of the products you use in your home (cleaning supplies, laundry, skin care, bathing, baby products, etc.) then begin to cross off any that you already know are non-toxic. This will then leave you with only the products you need to focus on finding a safer replacement for.

Choose A Product To Begin With

Now that you have your list and know what you’re working with, decide which product you’d like to start with first. It may be helpful to start with whatever item you are almost out of and start researching natural alternatives to replace it with or to help make a big impact right away you can start with whatever product you use the most often-this could be an all-purpose cleaner or even your daily vaginal cleanser (avoid products such as Vagisil that contain harmful chemicals that can mess up your vaginal pH, opt for our all-natural pH Balancing Cleanser instead!) It’s also easy to begin with products you aren’t so picky about. For example, switching to a natural toothpaste will be a lot less intimidating than trying a natural deodorant you’re not sure will help to keep BO at bay.

Shop Locally

Although big chain stores are getting better at carrying natural products, you will find more variety at your local health food or natural living stores. You can find these stores by researching online but if there are no natural stores near you, you can always shop from the convenience of your own home at Amazon. Amazon not only provides you with the option of fast delivery but they have a wide selection of natural products at low prices!

Process Of Elimination

Review, Refine, Repeat. Not every new product you try you’re going to love and that’s ok! The important thing is to learn from the products that don’t work so well as well as from the products you love and make future decisions from there. If there’s a specific brand of a multi-purpose cleanser you liked then maybe try the other products they have to offer as well, the same goes for skin care and any intimate products you may use. It’s all about trial and error so continue to repeat this process as you begin to phase out your products.  

Going from what you’ve always known to trying new alternatives does not have to be overwhelming. Have fun with trying new products and know that these changes are being made in order to give yourself and those that surround you a healthier lifestyle! FYI, intimacy products should be taken into consideration as well. Many drugstore lubricants contain harsh chemicals so try going the natural route in that aspect of your life as well by trying Love Wellness’ newest product, Sex Stuff, an all-natural, organic personal lubricant that’s pH balanced to match your body!

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