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How To Get Rid of Bloating: Tips To Feel and Look Better

How To Get Rid of Bloating: Tips To Feel and Look Better

Ladies, let’s get real for a minute: bloating sucks! Sure, we’d just looove to have that perfect flat belly for the party tonight, but thanks to one too many soda pops or that basket of tasty tortilla chips (no regrets), zipping your pants is a real struggle. 

Abdominal bloating can not only convince us out of a crop top, but can also cause quite a bit of discomfort. The good news? Experts suggest stomach bloating is a condition that you can avoid pretty easily!

And just to be clear, we’re not talking about extra pounds of “fluff” here. We’re talking about the temporary abdominal distention that gets almost everyone from time to time.

Interested in learning more? We’ve got your back! Read on to learn everything you need to know about getting rid of belly bloat and all the best tips and tricks to feel and look your best. 

But First, What Exactly is Bloating? 

Okay, first let’s get one thing clear. If you always feel bloated after a massive meal, you just might be -- *gasp* -- full

Fun fact: the average adult stomach can expand by a whopping four times its size, and if your belly still looks larger than normal a few hours after eating, it does come with the territory. 

You see, what most people experience when they talk about bloating is a reaction to a food or even an issue with digestion. Most of the food you eat is absorbed in your small intestine, but the remains -- dietary fiber and some carbs -- travel into your large intestine. Here, the gut bacteria feed on and ferment it, releasing gases that can pass right out of your body as, well, “wind.” Or. it can build up, leading to the infamous tummy bloat. 

What you eat influences the amount of gas you’ll produce, as well as your gut microbiome composition.  

The microbes in your gut have an awful lot of sway for a bunch of bacteria, influencing everything from your brain health to your immune system and -- oh, hi -- bloating. If your body is overreacting and the food you ate is fermenting too much, it’s a likely sign of an imbalance in your microbiome. 

While you can easily influence your delicate microbiome by taking top-notch probiotics like the ones right here at Love Wellness, your body is a complicated network of interactions, with everything from your stress levels to your hormones making their mark. 

If you’ve unbuttoned your pants or, er, made a few gas emissions in the time it’s taken to read this far (hey, no judgment from us!) it could boil down to what you’re eating. Certain foods such as garlic, onions, and broccoli produce more gas. 

So how to get rid of bloating is really dependent on your personal tolerance of foods, which can change throughout the month, too. 

You see, certain foods might cause you to bloat a little bit now, but they will ultimately improve the balance of your gut bacteria in the future, so they won’t always make you feel this way. So if you love broccoli for example but can’t stand the bloat, eat up buttercup, cuz’ your stomach will find balance, and eventually, you won’t experience stomach bloat after eating your favorite veggie. 

The Best Tips and Tricks To Get Rid of Bloating 

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to what makes you bloat or how to get rid of bloating. But, there are some general tips and tricks you can try that can help you to ease any discomfort.

Sit Down To Eat

When you eat standing up, you’re at risk of not fully digesting your food. Excess gas builds as undigested food ferments. 

Digest what you eat by sitting down, eating at a slow pace, and chewing thoroughly before you swallow. This gets saliva flowing and releases the all-importance digestive enzymes. If you can, go on a quick stroll after you’ve eaten. 

Incorporate Various Forms of Probiotics 

It can be really helpful to start incorporating a daily probiotic supplement in addition to healthy probiotic-rich foods. 

We love Good Girl Probiotics because it contains multiple strains of bacteria and is excellent at bringing balance back to a messy -- and gassy -- gut. 

Be sure to take your probiotic with a balanced meal, rich in prebiotics. This allows you to make the most of your probiotics, because believe it or not, probiotics use prebiotics as fuel in order to grow and colonize in the gut. Some of our favorite prebiotic foods include apples, bananas, and oats. 

Avoid Swallowing Air and Gases

Okay, so this may sound a bit odd, but hear us out!

There are two sources of gas in your digestive system. One is gas produced by the bacteria in your gut and the other is air or gas that is swallowed when you eat or drink. 

Yes, when you eat or drink certain things, it causes you to swallow air and/or gas. The biggest offender? Carbonated beverages like soda pop and beer. 

These popular beverages contain bubbles with carbon dioxide -- a gas that can be released from the liquid after it’s reached your gut. Chewing gum, drinking through a straw, and eating while talking or while in a rush can also lead to increased amounts of swallowed air which is a big contributor to bloating as well. 

So, if you want to kick your tummy bloat to the curb, stop swallowing air and gases!

Stress Less 

Never forget that the famed gut-brain connection means that what goes on in your head can have real ramifications for your digestive system. 

Stress can slow your digestion way down, making bloating much more likely to occur. 

Try a daily practice like meditation or check out our Less Stress Kit, designed to keep you calm so you can actually rest and relax peacefully at night, as well as supporting digestion for overall wellness. 

Massage Your Belly 

Massaging your tummy can do wonders to help get your bowels moving. A massage that follows the path of the large intestine is especially helpful. 

Want to give this trick a try? Follow these steps:

  • Place your hands just above your right hip bone.
  • In a circular motion, rub with light pressure up toward the right side of your ribcage. 
  • Rub straight across your upper belly area toward the left rib cage. 
  • Moving at a slow pace, rub down toward your left hip bone.
  • Repeat the steps as necessary.

This should do the trick but if the massage happens to cause any severe pain, it’s best to discontinue immediately and check in with your doctor. 

Try Bye Bye Bloat 

Want to alleviate your frustrating tummy bloat sooner than later? 

One easy way to do just that is with Bye Bye Bloat from Love Wellness. This powerful supplement is packed with organic ginger, organic fenugreek, organic dandelion root, and digestive enzymes to alleviate bloating. It helps to get rid of water weight, aids the digestive system, and even tackles hormonal and food-related bloating. 

All you need to do is take one or two capsules after a meal or right before bedtime and voila -- bye, bye, bloat!

Relax in a Warm Bath

Our last tip on the list but certainly not least, relax in a warm bath. 

The heat of a warm bath can provide relief for a sore stomach. Additionally, relaxation can reduce stress levels, which may allow your GI tract to function more effectively, helping to reduce bloat. 

Turn your bath into a spa day with a few candles, some soft tunes, and essential oils for ultimate relaxation. 

A Final Word 

Being bloated isn’t fun by any means. It leaves us feeling uncomfortable, icky, and not too pleased when we can’t button up our favorite pair of jeans. 

Thankfully, there are some awesome tips and tricks that can help. Our Bye, Bye, Bloat supplement can do the trick to kick your bloating the curb. 

For all of your wellness needs, check out Love Wellness today!



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