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Graduating From The Killer to The Triple Threat Kit

Graduating From The Killer to The Triple Threat Kit

If you’ve tried our boric acid suppositories, The Killer, then you know it doesn’t get much better than our all-natural alternative to relieve infections fast BUT what if we told you you could actually step up your infection fighting game?!

Graduating from The Killer to our Triple Threat Kit provides you with loads more benefits than just using The Killer alone. Included in this kit are Good Girl Probiotics, Perfect Condition Vitamin and of course The Killer-all of these products work together to keep your vaginal health up to par so you can worry less about your vaginal pH being thrown off. 

The major benefit of The Triplet Threat Kit can be summed up in pretty much two words-preventative care. Why wait until you’re feeling a little funky down there? By taking our Good Girl Probiotics daily, you’re helping to fight infection and steady your pH level by maintaining a healthy amount of good bacteria in your system. Good Girl Probiotics are formulated with 12 bacterial strains that occur naturally in the vagina so you can have peace of mind knowing that they’re formulated specifically for women’s health!

Besides for making sure you’re getting all of the friendly bacteria your body needs in order to prevent infections from even happening, the Perfect Condition Vitamin is another great addition to your infection conquering lineup thanks to it’s magical combination of ingredients such as turmeric, coconut oil, garlic, boron, grapefruit seed extract and folic acid-all of which assist in destroying yeast at the cellular level, maintain a balanced vaginal environment and reduce inflammation system-wide! 

Both the Perfect Condition Vitamin and Good Girl Probiotics pair perfectly with the fast-acting relief and vaginal environment re-set The Killer delivers. When you decide to use all three supplements instead of just one or the other, you’re creating the ultimate female collection for defending, relieving, supporting and maintaining a healthy and thriving vaginal flora-yes, PUSSY POWER!

So ladies, get your cap and gown ready and thank The Killer for a job well done but it’s time to move on, and The Triple Threat Kit is calling your name. 

While you’re at it take our new quiz to find out what other Love Wellness products can suit your other personal needs! 

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