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How to Get Your pH Balance Back to Normal

How to Get Your pH Balance Back to Normal

If you weren’t already aware, us women are pretty badass. Not only can we function while bleeding for a week straight but we can bring new life into the world. Yes, we have been blessed with a pretty extraordinary body part known as the vagina which is also quite independent due to the fact that it has the ability to clean itself by secreting natural fluids to help maintain a healthy pH.

So why exactly does keeping a healthy level of vaginal pH matter? Basically, it helps to prevent infections. If left untreated, infections can turn into something more serious such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which could lead to infertility. Sounds intense but it is a reality.

A normal vaginal pH level ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 which is considered moderately acidic. Don’t let the term “acidic” confuse you, it’s a good thing; good bacteria thrive in the vagina’s acidic environment so if you have a healthy pH then there is a good balance between both good and bad bacteria. However, if an imbalance occurs and your pH rises above 4.5 then bad bacteria can grow and cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Some of the most common triggers for an imbalance in your vaginal pH are: menstrual blood, unprotected sex, semen, antibiotics, douching, scented soaps, tight clothing, hormone fluctuations and feminine products. Your diet can also affect your pH level if you’re not getting enough iron, manganese and zinc -these all play a huge role for lactobacillus (good bacteria) to function.

In order to maintain a healthy vaginal pH level it’s essential you take probiotics to restore your good bacteria, avoid douching, use all-natural cleansers, change tampons regularly and use a condom during sex.

Love Wellness’ Good Girl Probiotics are formulated with 8 strains of lactobacilli, making it the perfect supplement to incorporate into your daily routine to maintain good bacteria levels. If you find that you are experiencing yeast infections or BV, The Killer will help to provide quick relief by bringing your vaginal pH back to normal, and our pH Balancing Cleanser is safe enough for daily use to always keep you balanced.

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