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5 Quick and Easy Tips to Maintain Your Wellness Routine

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Maintain Your Wellness Routine

With our sense of routine and schedule out the window, some of our wellness practices may have started to fade. Certain things we may have done before work may seem like they can wait until later and then they never happen. I don't know about you but I have learned that the busier I am, the more productive I am.

When I have less to do, even those few things seem harder to check off my list. Is anyone else feeling this way?? I have reset my intentions to not only bring back my normal wellness routines but add on a few that I always felt I didn’t have time for. When we make time for these practices consistently, the benefits are limitless. I feel calmer, more intentional, less reactive, more patient, more energetic, and optimistic when it comes to my outlook on the world, my work, my relationship, and how I parent.

I’d say committing to a few practices for all of those benefits is worth it! So what are the five things I am committing to?

  1. 10 minutes of meditation in the morning. This is one I am adding on to my routine. I always felt rushed in the morning and now that I am not rushing anywhere, I am setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier so I can wake up and meditate before I have to tend to my baby, emails, making breakfast etc. I know that more than 10 minutes will overwhelm me so I am starting with a small, realistic goal. If you feel that 5 minutes is more doable, start there! I found a morning gratitude meditation on Youtube but take advantage of the many apps and resources out there!
  2. Morning detox tea and supplements. It is easy to rush to the coffee first thing in the morning (believe me, coffee comes next!) but I feel such a difference in my digestion when I stick to my morning tea. I make hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon, and a teaspoon each of freshly grated ginger, apple cider vinegar, and raw local honey. It’s amazing for inflammation, immunity, and digestion. While I drink my tea I take my Love Wellness mood pills, sparkle fiber, probiotic, and good to glow. Pro tip: Love Wellness kits, especially their Balanced Body Kit, are an easy way to stick to a new routine—you get everything you need for head-to-toe wellness (and at a major discount). When you start your day on the right foot, you will feel more motivated to continue treating your body well!
  3. A daily movement practice. I am someone who truly loves and needs exercise. It boosts my mood, evens out my energy and allows me to sleep deeper at night. I truly miss my weekly exercise classes! I miss the feeling of community, the commitment and motivation of a class environment. However, while those are not available, I am staying committed to at least 30 minutes of movement a day. I found that when I don’t schedule a time, I tend to push it later and later. I feel best when I start my day with a sweat so now I schedule my workout as if I was going to a class! I put away my phone and get to it. Pretend like you paid $30 for the class and you won't back out!
  4. Sign up for a CSA delivery from your local farms! I have been meaning to do this forever but now that I am cooking every day and want to avoid grocery store trips, this felt like the perfect time. This has made such a difference for me. When I get the box with local produce, dairy and meat I feel more connected and grateful to my local farmers, I feel safer knowing that the food is of the highest quality and sustainability and I get inspired to cook using the ingredients at hand. This pandemic has made me want to treat our Earth with more respect than ever and this is one small step towards a more sustainable way of living.
  5. Journaling. This is another practice I have dabbled with on and off. I was committed right after having my baby but of course, life gets in the way. This is such an unprecedented time that I feel motivated to journal my feelings, things I am grateful for, and document little things that my daughter does or says. Even when I start out thinking I have nothing to write about, I end up with pages of thoughts. It is also super helpful for “brain dumping”, or getting out any thoughts or feelings that are not serving you. I believe that once your write down a negative feeling, it is out of your brain and will stop recirculating. Commit to journaling every day for a week and I promise you will want to keep going!

Ok, who is with me?? If anyone needs an accountability buddy, share your post on The Love Club and @ mention me!


With love, 

Molly Knauer

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