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10 Foods to Help You Debloat Naturally

10 Foods to Help You Debloat Naturally

 Feeling bloated sucks! There’s really no other way to put it. Whether you’re experiencing indigestion, traveling or feeling those monthly PMS symptoms, bloating is inevitable. If the bloat you’re feeling is gassy (no need to feel embarrassed, we’re all human) then the culprit is most likely certain foods you’re eating. Water bloat on the other hand is caused by eating too many salty foods, dehydration and hormonal changes thanks to your menstrual cycle.

No matter the type of bloat, they’re both equally uncomfortable and usually arise at the most inopportune moments but thanks to mother nature there are plenty of natural remedies to help you beat the bloat!  

Aside from doing some good ol’ yoga and giving yourself a U massage to help relieve your symptoms, the below fruits and veggies will keep your digestive system on track allowing you to live your best life on the regular!


Filled with the enzyme papain, which helps to fight inflammation and break down food, papayas will soothe the digestive process during menstruation as well as provide you with your daily dose of fiber and vitamin A.


It’s no secret probiotics are a must for supporting healthy digestion so consuming fermented foods such as yogurt will help you to get the necessary good bacteria your gut needs in order to function smoothly. If you’re lactose and can’t digest yogurt then get your probiotic fix with our Good Girl Probiotics supplements!


To help keep things moving along, incorporate potassium-rich foods such as bananas into your diet to flush out sodium and water. Say bye bye to water-retaining bloat by adding banana slices to your yogurt or oatmeal in the mornings!


Kiwi’s are definitely one of the most underrated fruits. You don’t really hear anyone talking about them but these powerful little guys are not only a great source of potassium and fiber but they’re also packed with the enzyme actinidin, which helps to speed up digestion!


Who doesn’t love avocado toast?! This is not only a popular brunch item but avocados are rich in antioxidants, loaded with fiber, contain more potassium than bananas and they’re filled with omega-3 fatty acids! Reduce bloating and feel fuller longer by adding a little avocado to your life!


Whether you toss them into your salad or snack on them with some hummus, stay hydrated with refreshing water and fiber filled cucumbers! They’ll help to clear out any excess water and gas from your GI tract and since they’re a natural diuretic due to the silicon and sulfur they contain, you should have no problems removing waste and toxins!


If you’re over dealing with gas then it’s time you make fennel your new best friend! Fennel contains the compounds fenchone, estragole and anethole which have anti-inflammatory properties that help to evaporate trapped gas. You can add fennel seeds into your soups, tea or even use the leafy fronds to give extra flavor to your favorite salad! 


Containing the amino acid asparagine, asparagus acts as a diuretic aiding in the reduction of water retention. They also carry prebiotic fiber which helps to keep your digestive tract running properly by nourishing the probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut.


With the help of the digestive enzyme zingibain, ginger is not only good for getting rid of a cold but also breaking down protein and reducing bloat and gas with its anti-inflammatory properties. Treat yourself to a ginger tea or add some into your morning smoothie to help kickstart your day!  

Water With Lemon

If you’ve consumed a lot of salt in your diet lately then you might need to flush out some of that extra sodium that’s causing you to bloat! Staying hydrated in general will help to keep you regular but adding lemon juice to your water will help speed up the process since it stimulates the digestive enzymes in your system!

If you’ve run out of our Bye, Bye Bloat then give these foods a try to help you de-bloat the natural way!





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