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How pH Balancing Cleanser Beats The Competition

How pH Balancing Cleanser Beats The Competition

When it comes to choosing how to wash your vulva, the wrong decision can cause some seriously negative side effects. The use of some vaginal cleansers on the market today can lead to anything from BV to yeast infections, so it’s important to know the facts. 

Unlike other external cleansers on the market that use harmful chemicals, our pH Balancing Cleanser uses only clean, safe ingredients to cleanse without disrupting your vaginal pH. pH Balancing Cleanser is also formulated without any fragrance for two main reasons: 1) your vagina shouldn’t smell like a piña colada, and 2) fragrance can cause a whole lot of irritation down there. 

Other vaginal cleansers are just bad for your V, their packaging is also bad for the environment. Our soft-touch squeeze bottle uses less plastic than your average pump packaging, and it ensures that you actually use every last drop. 

Want to know exactly how pH Balancing Cleanser stacks up to the competition? We made a handy chart for you.

A cleanser that’s better for your vagina *and* the planet? It doesn’t get much better than that. 

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