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    Gut health is key to
    total body health.

    No matter where you’re at in your journey to Love Yourself Well, you need some gut rehab. Stress, medication, antibiotics, and processed foods can compromise your gut health, and because it’s the home of your immune system, keeping it healthy is a top priority. Gut wellness can impact health from the inside out, from your skin to your vagina, so we encourage you to start your Love Wellness journey with a little love for your gut.

    Sparkle Fiber

    4.9 star rating 74 Reviews

    Did you know that fiber’s best qualities have been so overlooked that most women are eating only 50% of what’s recommended every day? We think that’s because fiber has gotten an embarrassing reputation it doesn’t deserve - one associated with the bathroom and powdery drink mixes that taste like chemicals.* Learn More

    Good Girl Probiotics

    4.9 star rating 406 Reviews

    Vaginas are sensitive ecosystems that run on robust levels of good bacteria. These bacteria create an acidic environment that keep you safe from infections and irritations. Maintain your vaginal flora and acidic pH with Good Girl Probiotics, formulated with 8 strains of lactobacilli that are the key regulators of the vaginal environment.* Learn More

    Bye Bye Bloat

    4.8 star rating 465 Reviews

    Diet and hormones got you bloated? Eliminate the puff with our natural and organic formulation of ingredients that make skinny jeans an option 24/7 (we are sweatpants enthusiasts also, don’t worry). We round out our miracle formula with crazy cool digestive enzymes that help alleviate bloating and gas.* Learn More

    gut goodness kit

    4.8 star rating 178 Reviews

    Your gut is the home of your body’s immune system, full of good bacteria that protect you from getting sick. It's not a perfect system in our modern-age however, as environmental factors like processed foods and over-the-counter drugs can all compromise your good bacteria, leaving you susceptible to inflammation and illness. Gut health is all about preventative care and maintenance, with our team of LW Medical Experts recommending you take a probiotic everyday.* Learn More

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