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    Because it’s the easiest way to create and maintain your wellness routine. Plus, you'll save 25% on each delivery (that ships for free too). We call it wellness for you and your wallet.


    As Easy as 1, 2, 3


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    Your Wellness Routine Made Easy

    We love overnight miracles (and we make a few) but most Love Wellness products take a few weeks of regular use for you to feel your best. Never run out again with our easy, customizable subscriptions.

    Know the 21/90 TM rule? It takes 21 days to build a routine and 90 days to make it stick. We recommend a subscription to make 21/90 TM hassle-free so you feel well and keep it going everyday after the first 90.

    Get your favorites shipped for free on your schedule, for 25% off, and cancel anytime.

    The Reviews Are In

    “I bought Sparkle Fiber and found it to be totally life-changing. Balanced digestion and increased energy! What’s crazy is when I ran out of my first bottle I forgot to re-order it and noticed such a difference in how I felt. I immediately signed up for a monthly subscription then.”


    “After emailing with Amanda in customer service at Love Wellness about how much I love my #Mood Pills I decided to sign up for a subscription. She let me know every order would be discounted 25% and the shipping would be free which are such great perks.”


    “I get The Vaginal Health kit delivered every month like clock-work. No other brand has ever made me feel so good (and so good about my body too) before. Customer for life. Thank you, Love Wellness for making such innovative and clean products for us gals.”


    “A subscription is great because it is an affordable investment in your health and wellness. It is a deliberate way to make a commitment to self-care, and there is nothing better than that!”

    –Dr. Jodie wellness advisor

    25% off eligible products when starting a new subscription. Free ground shipping on new subscriptions shipping in the US.

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