25% off and free shipping for all new subscriptions!
25% off and free shipping for all new subscriptions!
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    A prepaid subscription gives you the option to pay for a 3-month supply or a 6-month supply worth of product up front at a discounted price with a monthly shipment of your products.

    Instead of monthly payments, you’ll only pay once and receive monthly shipments of your products for the duration of your prepaid subscription.

    For a 3-month supply, you’ll receive the 3rd item for free and for a 6-month supply, you’ll receive the 5th and 6th item for free. Therefore, you receive 3 items for the price of 2 or 6 items for the price of 4!
    At this time, only the following products are available for a prepaid subscription:

  • Good Girl Probiotics
  • Bye Bye Bloat
  • Perfect Condition Vitamin
  • Metabolove
  • Good to Glow
  • The Triple Threat
  • Balanced Body Kit

  • You can check out our prepaid options here. Stay tuned for the roll out to more products soon!
    With our prepaid subscription, you’ll make one payment for your entire supply when starting your prepaid subscription.

    Our 3-month supply offers 2 products at full price and a free product for a total of 3 products.
    Our 6-month supply offers 4 products at full price and 2 free additional products for a total of 6 products.

    We'll cover shipping for the entirety of your prepaid subscription, so you only need to make one payment when setting up the subscription and that’s it!

    Please note: at this time this offer is only available in the US.

    Managing your prepaid subscription

    Oops - sounds like you need to finalize your account.

    To fix this, just create an account here, using the same email you used to place your order, and you’ll be connected to your existing subscription!

    Yes, but with limited options at this time. If you need to make a change, let us know here, and we’d be happy to help.

    To change your address on prepaid subscription, please email us your new address by contacting us here.

    As a reminder, any changes to your prepaid subscription must be made at least 24 hours prior to your renewal date.

    You cannot apply Love Club Rewards points to your prepaid subscription, as this subscription already comes at an extra discounted price.

    To cancel your prepaid subscription, just let us know here.

    Depending on your prepaid subscription's length, refunds will be prorated depending on the number of orders you had remaining at the time of cancellation.

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