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    Letter from Lo
    Hey there!

    I’m Lo Bosworth, the founder of Love Wellness. I’m so excited to welcome you to the Love Wellness community, and to extend a special offer of 40% off to SALESFORCE EMPLOYEES.

    Since 2016, Love Wellness has been on a mission to create natural products with good for you ingredients, so you can LOVE YOURSELF WELL. Our range of products support gut, sexual and total body health - many of which work for men as well as women.
    Here are some of my favorites:
    Good Girl
    Health Kit
    Body Kit
    • Our Good Girl Probiotics - adds good bacteria to the body that maintain everything from vaginal pH levels to urinary tract health
    • The Vaginal Health Kit - a combo of our favorite personal care products that keep everything balanced and on-track
    • The Healthy Body Kit (which is 40% off right now) - contains our best-selling Bye, Bye Bloat formula
    Love Wellness is for anyone looking for natural solutions to take better control of their health. Enter your email below for your 40% discount, and if you have any questions you can find me at - I'd love to chat!

    Be Well,
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