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Bianca O.

Age: 27

Location: Hoboken, NJ

Good Girl Probiotics

I’ve been using these for almost a year and have nothing but great things to day! It’s helped me so much in keeping my girl in check and healthy. It’s helped with controlling my discharged and help me stay away from yeast infections, which I used to have frequently.

Maria C.

Age: 25

Location: Dallas, TX

Gut Feeling Probiotics

I’m on my 2nd month taking this & it’s been amazing. I’ve always had stomachaches after eating anything or would bloat. The days that I miss a pill I can feel the difference!! I take it combined with the daily love vitamin & the big brain vitamin. Buy it!!!!!

Sindy M.

Age: 43

Location: Chicago, IL

Daily Love Multivitamin

I'm such a skeptic and have tried so many vitamins but I Really like these! I can actually feel a difference in my health and energy.

Sara S

Age: 27

Location: Chicago, IL

Big Brain Probiotics

I have noticed results and really love it. Recently tried MCT oil with something similar and I got a huge headache so was pleased that this does not have that side effect- in fact, I can see an increased ability to concentrate already.

Danielle C.

Age: 29

Location: San Jose, CA

Sleeping Beauty

Loved this product got the best sleep I've got in a very long time not groggy at all this morning feel so refreshed!

Jen J.

Age: 30

Location: Kansas City, MO

Sparkle Fiber

Sparkle Fiber has helped my bowel movements immensely!! I am much more regular now. Such a relief.

Total body bliss starts here

This year, go with your gut!
Because when your gut is happy, your vaginal and brain health know to follow suit.
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Total Body

11,070 REVIEWS

Essential Love Yourself Well Bundle
Natural wellness products that keep your gut, brain, and vagina balanced and in sync. A worry-free, carefree routine is a click away.

Included in this bundle:

  • Gut Feelings
  • Good Girl Probiotics
  • Daily Love
  • Big Brain
  • Sparkle Fiber
  • Vagina Probs?

    4,114 REVIEWS

    Essential Vagina Bundle
    It’s the year of the V! Maintain healthy vaginal bacteria and pH levels with this powerhouse pairing.

    Included in this bundle:

  • pH Balancing Cleanser
  • Flora Power
  • Gut Probs?

    3,140 REVIEWS

    Essential Gut Bundle
    We’ve got a gut feeling you’re going to love these natural wellness must-haves, made to support a calm digestive system and balanced gut.*

    Included in this bundle:

  • Gut Feelings Probiotic
  • Sparkle Fiber
  • Brain Probs?

    1,018 reviews

    Essential Brain Bundle
    Beauty and brains, unbottled. This functional duo comes together to help support brain function and improve sleep quality.*

    Included in this bundle:

  • Big Brain Probiotics
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Reset your body in 2023 with Lo Bosworth's 5-week plan

    Love Yourself Well
    A frank and accessible guide to optimizing women’s health by Lo Bosworth.

    The book helps you:

  • Better understand the science behind the gut-brain-vagina axis.
  • Heal a leaky brain and gut with nourishing, dietitian-approved recipes.
  • Rejuvenate your total body health with a comprehensive five-week plan.
  • Love Wellness vs. traditional personal care products

    Love Wellness FAQs

    Love Wellness products are designed for all adults 18+. The only products specifically suited for female bodies are: The Killer, Good Girl Probiotics, Flora Power, our Multivitamins line, and the pH Balancing Cleanser.

    Take our quiz to get a personalized recommendation on which Love Wellness products may be the perfect fit!

    If you don’t know where to start, most new customers start with a few of our favorites: Good Girl Probiotics, Bye Bye Bloat, and pH Balancing Cleanser!

    Yes – the entire Love Wellness line is designed to be taken together for full body care. While regimens will vary person to person, day by day, and based on a number of factors, here’s a full rundown of our recommended regimen. Keep in mind that it may take some trial and error to find the schedule & dosage that works best for you depending on how your body responds, and it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks of constant and consistent use before you see lasting results from some products.

    All Love Wellness products are gluten-free!

    #Mood Pills contains organic Gingko Leaf nuts and are not safe for those with a nut allergy. Additionally, Healthy V Vitamin (formerly Perfect Condition Vitamin) contains coconut oil powder. We recommend consulting with your doctor to see if Healthy V Vitamin is suitable for you should you have any allergies.

    Our multivitamins contain Vitamin E that’s derived from soy. Please consult with your doctor to see if our multivitamins are safe for you to take if you have a soy allergy. Omega-3s contain marine lipid concentrate and is not safe if you have a fish allergy.

    Our other products do not contain major allergens but are made in a facility that processes major allergens. If you have an allergy and are concerned about any specific ingredient, we strongly recommend checking in with your doctor/healthcare provider to review the ingredients with them and see if Love Wellness is safe for you to use.

    Because everyone's regimen is unique and different, and there are so many outside factors to consider when it comes to other medications that you may be taking, we recommend checking in with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting anything new to ensure Love Wellness is compatible with your current regimen!

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