Our Best Subscription Offer Ever: Lock In 35% Off & Free U.S. Shipping On Every Order!
Our Best Subscription Offer Ever: Lock In 35% Off & Free U.S. Shipping On Every Order!
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    The simplest ways to expand
    your potential.

    Love Yourself Well with our kits that combine the best of what we make into thoughtful, issue-specific bundles that address your wellness needs.

    New You Kit

    $174.99 $149.99

    If you're looking for that total body and mind reset, look no further than the New You Kit. This colorful kit bundles together all 7 of our best-selling supplements into a self-care system that's steady and safe, and the best part -- you get all 7 for the price of 6!* Learn More

    vaginal health kit


    Interested in women's wellness? Our Vaginal Health Kit has the goods you need perfect for maintaining a healthy vaginal tract. A combo of dietary supplements, intimate cleansers, and our best-selling vaginal boric acid suppositories, this kit is essential for helping you feel your best. Best part? Our products are OB/GYN-recommended.* Learn More

    The Triple Threat


    The ultimate female arsenal to relieve, support, defend, and maintain a healthy and thriving vagina. These sanity savers are natural, fast-acting, and doctor recommended, so you don’t have to waste time being uncomfortable at the drugstore staring at mystery chemicals.* Learn More

    personal cleanser kit


    Cleanse in a safe, natural way & keep your vaginal pH where it needs to be. The Intimate Cleanser Kit includes pH Balancing cleanser, home wipes, and travel wipes to keep you feeling fresh and healthy at home or on the go. Learn More

    the sex kit

    $49.99 $34.99

    When it comes to pleasure, your body deserves the best. That's why we've combined Sex Stuff, our lady-powered personal lubricant, with our pH Balancing Cleanser and Do It All Wipes (Home) into our Sex Kit so you can go from getting down to getting cleaned up with ease. We've made these products to support a woman's unique biology and wellness, because most drugstore products just....don't. Learn More

    healthy body kit

    $69.99 $48.99

    Life's big moments change your body. So do diet, hormonal changes, and stress. We've combined our favorite products that maintain metabolism, get your gut in good shape, and provide a great night's sleep so that you can keep your body as healthy as can be.* Learn More

    glowing skin kit

    $44.99 $31.99

    Smooth, plump, glowing skin starts from within. With the right combination of vitamins, collagen, and ashwaganda, paired with a solid night’s sleep - you’ll be rocking makeup-free with confidence in no time.* Learn More

    uti prevention kit

    $55.99 $39.99

    Need help maintaining your urinary tract health? This happens when you improve health from the inside out, coupled with practicing safe personal hygiene and drinking more water. We combine 4 best-selling products into our UTI Prevention Kit to do this: UTI Don't Think So, Good Girl Probiotics, pH Balancing Cleanser, and Do It All Wipes.*Learn More

    balanced cycle kit

    $69.99 $48.99

    Your cycle is seriously magical. The side-effects like bloating, break-outs, and mood swings? Not so much. Tackle them all with The Balanced Cycle Kit, packed with natural, organic ingredients that may help to relieve your most irritating period problems. We combine our #Mood Pills with Bye Bye, Bloat and Good To Glow for a Balanced Cycle trio that can't be beat.* Learn More

    best gut ever kit


    Feel light and energized by preventing imbalance and maintaining healthy bacteria for your Best Gut Ever.*
    Learn More

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