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    The Triple Threat

    $69.95 $52.50

    PERFECT FOR: Your go-to arsenal for vaginal balance and health.*

    "This kit is affordable, keeps my body feeling perfect and my sanity in check. Thank goodness I discovered my Triple Threat."

    Balanced Body Kit

    $84.99 $63.75

    Perfect for: Finding that blissed-out balance top to bottom, inside and out.*

    "This kit does a little bit of everything. I was buying my LW products individually but found this and I'm so happy with the savings." —Lauren

    Vaginal Health Kit

    $99.99 $74.99

    Perfect for: The ultimate clean, doctor-recommended personal care arsenal for women.*

    “Thank goodness I found the Vaginal Health Kit. Feeling balanced is such a blessing. Thank you, Love Wellness.” —Lexi

    New You Kit

    $174.99 $131.25

    Perfect for: The total body reset your body needs and craves.*

    "These bottles are so beautiful in my bathroom and I love feeling like I always have a go-to solution for whatever pops up. I especially love Bye Bye Bloat." —Anna

    10,000+ Certified Reviews

    “My OB/GYN recommended Love Wellness to help maintain a good feminine balance and I’m so happy she did. Good Girl Probiotics are a game changer!”
    - Elena
    “What a difference 1 purchase can make. I’ve had issues for years and The Killer stopped all of that. Seriously. 1 box of The Killer and poof, problems gone!”
    - Megan
    “I stopped taking Sparkle Fiber for a few days and noticed such a big difference, I had to get a subscription. Never not taking Sparkle Fiber again.”
    - Amanda

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