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    Clinically-Proven Benefits

    Stimulates natural collagen production, improves skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.*

    Supports thicker, shinier hair that's less prone to breakage.*

    Promotes growth, strength and overall health of fingernails.*

    Product Details

    Pour one tear stick into your favorite beverage and stir!

    • 15 x tear sticks


    VERISOLĀ® Bioactive Collagen PeptidesĀ®

    Better Collagen, Better Results

    Call Me Collagen is made with VERISOLĀ® Bioactive Collagen PeptidesĀ®, shown to work better with only 5g per serving than with 20g of the other guys'!

    frequently asked questions

    One box of Call Me Collagenā„¢ has 15 tear packs for a 15-day supply.

    To subscribe to Call Me Collagenā„¢, select 30 Day Supply from the drop down and then select the subscription option that appears.

    In an effort to cut down on extra deliveries and our ongoing efforts on improving our sustainability here at Love Wellness, weā€™re only offering a subscription to a 30-day supply (2 boxes) of Call Me Collagenā„¢ at this time.

    Collagen is a protein thatā€™s found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons, providing strength and structure to our bodies.

    Some of the benefits of collagen include: supporting healthy hair growth, reducing wrinkles, improving skinā€™s surface and elasticity, and promoting growth and health of fingernails!

    Fun fact: collagen comes from the Greek word ā€œkĆ³lla" which means ā€œglue,ā€ since collagen used to be an ingredient in the production of glue. Think of collagen as the ā€œglueā€ keeping our skins, organs, joints, and muscles together!

    A collagen peptide is a very small piece of collagen. Collagen peptides can build up in the skin and cartilage, improving some skin and joint conditions.

    While our bodies produce collagen, our production of collagen decreases due to factors like age, sunlight exposure, diet, and smoking. Because our levels of collagen decrease over time, itā€™s important to support your body through collagen supplements to best support your skin, bones, muscles, and joints!

    Call Me Collagenā„¢ is not vegan, but is dairy-free and gluten-free.

    Call Me Collagenā„¢ has zero carbs!

    Yes! Call Me Collagenā„¢ is Paleo-friendly!

    We use VERISOLĀ® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen ā€” this is the most similar to the collagen our bodies produce!

    There are three different types of collagen: Type I, Type II, and Type III. Call Me Collagenā„¢ contains Type I and Type III collagen.

    Type I collagen makes up around 90% of your bodyā€™s collagen, which can be found in the skin, bones, and blood vessels. Because of this, Type I collagen can support: skin hydration, reduction of wrinkles, and skin smoothness (reduction of scars).

    Type III collagen offers structural support to our bodies and is typically found in arteries, muscles, intestines, and some organs such as the bowel and uterus. Type III collagen can also be found in most places where Type I collagen resides as well, adding further structure and support to our skin, bones, and joints.

    Call Me Collagenā„¢ā€™s formula only requires 5g of collagen daily to support skin, hair, and nail health based on studies and trials conducted. With daily consistent use, you can expect results in 2-6 weeks.

    There are many different types of collagen and collagen production. Depending on the type of collagen one uses, the recommended daily dose can vary based on each unique formula.

    Pour 1 tear stick into the beverage and size of your choice (we recommend a full glass of room temperature water), mix until dissolved, and drink! Use 1 tear stick daily.

    Note: Call Me Collagenā„¢ dissolves very easily so there is no minimum amount of water needed when mixing and drinking Call Me Collagenā„¢. Youā€™re welcome to choose the amount of water/beverage when mixing Call Me Collagenā„¢.

    Yes! There are no added sugars or flavors to Call Me Collagenā„¢.

    Biotin is a type of Vitamin B, whereas collagen is a fibrous protein. While they work towards similar goals (think: healthy hair, skin, and nails), they operate a bit differently.

    Biotin works by metabolizing fat and carbohydrates to stimulate growth (think: long hair, long nails, new skin cells). Collagen, on the other hand, works by providing structure to our bodies (think: thicker hair, thicker nails, improved skin elasticity).

    Together, they can be the ultimate pair when working towards healthier hair, skin, and nails! (Psst ā€” we recommend pairing Call Me Collagenā„¢ with Good to Glow and Clear Skin Probioticsā„¢ for optimal skin health!).

    Call Me Collagenā„¢ is the building block towards healthier skin, hair, and nails by supporting the structure of your skin, bones, and muscles.

    Call Me Collagenā„¢ works to support the elasticity of your skin, improve your skinā€™s surface, and reduce wrinkles and redness, while strengthening your hair and nails.

    Good to Glow, on the other hand, works to add a glow for brighter and clearer skin.

    Think of Call Me Collagenā„¢ as helping set the foundation towards healthier skin, and Good to Glow as the second step for an added healthy glow!

    It does! Collagen can be helpful in supporting the gutā€™s protective lining, which is made up of protein cells.

    Things like stress, poor diet, and food sensitivities affect the lining of your gut, creating openings or gaps, which allow things like bacteria and toxins to pass through and can affect our immune system and digestion as a result.

    Collagen contains amino acids that can help support and add structure to your gut lining, strengthening your gut so it can go on to do its job: support digestion, immunity, and microbiomes throughout your body.

    Pro tip - Gut Feelings Probioticsā„¢ and Call Me Collagenā„¢ make an excellent duo to optimize gut health.

    All Love Wellness Products are designed to be used together for overall wellness, but we always recommend checking in with your doctor or healthcare provider before adding anything new to your regimen if youā€™re unsure!

    At Love Wellness, we recommend Good to Glow, Sparkle Fiber, and Clear Skin Probioticsā„¢ as the best pairings with Call Me Collagenā„¢ to support healthy skin from the inside out!

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided does not constitute medical advice and should not take the place of consulting a physician. This information does not and should not replace treatment from a medical professional. If you need medical advice or assistance, you should consult a physician.

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