Meet Daily Love™: Our New Multivitamin Made Of More.
Meet Daily Love™: Our New Women's Multivitamin.
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    As fragrances can cause irritation (which is the last thing you want for such a sensitive area as that can interfere with your vaginal flora) our formula does not contain any fragrance (naturally derived or otherwise)! It does have a fresh and clean scent from the ingredients we use, but that’s it!
    Nope! Our cleanser formula is paraben and sulfate free. :)
    Yes, definitely! It's gentle enough to use every day and designed with the most sensitive skin in mind, but can work as a full body wash too. Our founder even uses it as a face wash from time to time.
    Yes, the wipes are designed with sensitive skin in mind. They're formulated with clean ingredients that are gentle on skin while maintaining your pH balance. If you have any concerns, check in with your doctor/healthcare provider before using the wipes!
    They can be flushed, but if you have old pipes you may want to consider tossing these in your waste basket.

    “A gentle and fragrance-free soap like pH Balancing Cleanser is a great option to clean the vulva.”

    “The best vaginal health products on the market.”

    Why Our Cleanser Is Better

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