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The Memorial Day Sale: 35% OFF Sitewide & FREE U.S. Shipping w/ code MEMORIALDAY.
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    Get Infections?

    Get yeast infections or BV? We feel your pain (or the itch, lol). Try an alternative relief method that will change your life. The Killer, our best-selling boric acid suppositories, are made from a mineral found in sea water and provide incredible relief from common feminine infections. Previously only available with a prescription, we’ve made accessing boric acid suppositories affordable and easy for women.

    Sweet Relief! Get The Killer Here


    Vaginas are sensitive ecosystems that run on robust levels of good bacteria. These bacteria create an acidic environment that keep you safe from infections and irritations. Maintaining that acidic pH with safe, natural products keep your good bacteria flourishing, and your body healthy.

    Learn How Good Bacteria Keep Your Vagina Healthy

    Clean up, naturally.

    We hate that most products made for women’s personal hygiene are full of chemicals. HATE! Chemicals kill all your good bacteria and as a result, throw off your pH, upping the possibility of developing an infection down there.
    You deserve a cleanser for personal hygiene that’s safe to use because it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and pH-balanced. You deserve it, we made it.


    Get Inflammation Under Control

    Inflammation is a blanket term used to describe a health issue in the body. It can represent anything from a headache to a yeast infection. We formulated our Perfect Condition Vitamin with lots of turmeric to help reduce inflammation in the body, along with other yeast-busting ingredients like grapefruit seed and garlic. Women who suffer from yeast infections love this vitamin, and we’ve even received reviews from customers that different skin issues like acne and eczema have been positively affected by taking this turmeric-heavy supplement.

    Reduce Inflammation Now!

    Up Your Gut Game

    The gut is the home of your immune system, and the good bacteria in your gut are connected to the good bacteria in your vagina. We make maintaining the right levels of the right strains of bacteria simple with our Good Girl Probiotics. The result? A happy vagina.

    Shop Good Girl Probiotics

    Organic Happiness

    Whether it’s hormones or you’ve just got the blues, it’s no fun to not feel like yourself. We’ve combined powerful mood-enhancing ingredients like organic St. John’s Wort, organic gingko leaf, vitamin B6, and GABA to keep you feeling steady all month long.

    Buy #MoodPills

    Sweatpants: Optional

    Diet and hormones got you bloated? Eliminate the puff with our natural and organic formulation of ingredients that make skinny jeans an option 24/7 (we are sweatpants enthusiasts also, don’t worry). We round out our miracle formula with crazy cool digestive enzymes that help alleviate bloating and gas.

    Shop Bye, Bye Bloat!

    Get Your Glow On

    Nobody likes getting older, but we bet you aren’t eager to return to your teenage years either. If wrinkles and pimples bug ya out, do something about it from the inside out (rhymes are fun). Organic ashwagandha for clear, bright skin and collagen, Vitamins C + E for aging skin all co-star in Good to Glow, a daily supplement for problematic skin.


    Enzymes to the Rescue

    Unfamiliar with digestive enzymes? Girl, we gonna change your life. Responsible for breaking down food, the body produces fewer enzymes as we get older. That can lead to bloating, gas, and diarrhea. If you ever experience any of these digestive issues, adding some enzymes to your routine, along with organic, natural ingredients that help reduce water weight will have you feeling your best on the regular.

    Get Bye, Bye Bloat!

    Good Bacteria, Good Girl

    Want to up your gut game? Our Medical Expert, Stephanie Howard PA-C, explains the science behind probiotics and gut bacteria: “ I love the Good Girl Probiotics because they are specifically formulated to make sure your body has the healthy bacteria it needs keep your vaginal flora regulated. The vagina keeps a pH of 3.8-4.5 (acidic) to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. One of the key regulators of the vaginal environment is lactobacilli. Certain medications, health problems, and hygiene practices, can decrease lactobacilli, making one more susceptible to vaginal infections. For my patients who have recurrent vaginal infections, are on certain medications, or have a chronic health conditions (diabetes, HIV, bowel problems, etc.) I strongly recommend a probiotic for their vaginal health.”

    Buy Good Girl Probiotics

    Selenium to the Rescue

    Selenium is a dietary mineral essential for thyroid gland function. The thyroid gland produces 3 hormones that play a major role in metabolism and energy regulation in the body. Selenium can help insure that your thyroid is well-behaved and producing the hormones that keep your energy levels and metabolism at optimal levels. That’s why we include it in Lean Queen, our stimulant-free metabolism booster.

    Try Lean Queen Now!

    Get Your ZZZs

    A big reason why your metabolism may be running low? You’re not getting enough sleep. Studies show that sleep deprivation can alter the hormones involved in regulating metabolism, leptin and ghrelin. These two hormones are important in appetite control, and when you don’t get enough sleep, this change in levels make it more likely that you’ll go to town on your junk drawer. So stop binge-watching The Crown and go the f*%k to sleep!

    Buy Lights Out!

    Collagen To The Rescue

    Collagen is an amino acid that functions like elastic, essentially holding your body together in our bones, tendons, skin, and muscles. When you age, your body’s level of collagen becomes depleted, and we can’t regenerate it naturally. Supplementing and maintaining collagen levels becomes important as we age, helping to prevent wrinkles and fine lines by aiding elasticity. We feel it’s easier to incorporate collagen into your personal care routine in supplement form rather than a powder, making it an essential ingredient in Good to Glow.

    Try Good to Glow

    Introducing Ashwagandha

    The ashwagandha plant, or Indian ginseng, has tons of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Studies show that taken consistently, ashwagandha can help reduce acne AND combat signs of aging.

    Get Your ZZZs

    Skin looking dull? You’re may not be getting enough sleep. Because we know it’s not always easy to knock out at night, we’ve created a powerful sleep aid that’s organic and natural to help you achieve optimal sleep. From magnesium to organic valerian root powder, Lights Out will help chill both your body and your mind, leading to some sweet dreams and smooth skin.

    Get Lights Out Now!

    Get Busy

    Whether you’re on the go, or actually gettin’ busy, you should know about our best-selling Do it All Wipes. Now available in both Home and Travel sizes, we make it safe and simple to clean up quickly with our natural, pH-balanced wipes. Infused with coconut oil and Vitamin E, these babies leave your skin soft and fresh, whether you’re leaving spin class or in between the sheets.

    Buy Wipes Kit!

    Yes, You Can Use More Than Water

    We'll give it to you straight: the vagina is a magical, self-cleaning organ that shouldn't be messed with. But what about the vulva, the external genitals? When it comes to personal hygiene, using a 100% natural, pH-balanced cleanser externally down there is safe and OB/GYN-recommended. We’ve made a cleanser that checks all those boxes, plus it smells nice and leaves your skin velvety soft. We’ll take our cleanliness with a side of confidence, too.

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