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Critical nutrients your body can't make itself.*


Omega-3s contain both EPA and DHA, the two critical Omega-3 fatty acids your body needs to function well, but cannot make itself. These fatty acids operate like premium brain fuel, helping to deliver nutrients to the brain for a balanced mood and great cognitive function. Omega-3s help to reduce the risk of heart disease in women in all stages of life from puberty to pregnancy to menopause, and actually increases HDL - the good kind of cholesterol.*


Take 1 capsule of omega-3s daily.

  • If you have a high-quality fish oil like omega-3s and you’re still weirded out by any possible smell, store the capsules in your fridge or freezer. This is a game-changer for sensitive taste buds.
  • Less weird smells and fish burps! Our enteric coated capsules break down further in the digestive system so you don't experience that side-effect often associated with Omega-3s


Omega-3s. Marine Lipid Concentrate, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Mixed Tocopherols, *Clear Enteric Coating (ethylcellulose, ammonium hydroxide, medium chain triglycerides, oleic acid, sodium alginate, purified stearic acid).


Our omega-3s not vegan due to the marine lipid concentrate in the formula.

An Omega-3 is a crucial, fatty acid found in fish. Omega-3s benefit heart health, immunity, and so much more. EPA and DHA are two types of Omega-3s that are essential to the body, but that we can't make ourselves, so we put them in this handy capsule to send your way!

You can, but we recommend adding in one of our daily multivitamins if you are already taking XOmegas™ daily!

Our omega-3s are enteric-coated, meaning the capsule features a thicker outer layer which breaks down further in the digestive system, so less fish burps and weird smells. Our omega-3s are also sourced from fish, so we provide 2 fatty acids (both EPA and DHA) compared to other brands who may only have a single fatty acid.

It does! The enteric coating on our omega-3s capsules is very neat. Basically, it allows the capsule to break down further in your digestive system so you don't experience fish burps or weird smells. Pretty cool, right?

Definitely! All of our products are designed to work together for total body care. As always, anytime you add anything new to your regimen, we recommend checking in with your doctor/healthcare provider to ensure it makes sense for you, and they can answer any more specific questions you might have!