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How Thyroid Manages Metabolism

How Thyroid Manages Metabolism

First things first…what the heck is the thyroid and why does it have so much control over my body?!

Located in your neck just below your Adam’s apple, the thyroid’s role is to ensure that the cells in your body are working properly by releasing hormones to relay messages to each and every one of them.

The two most important hormones the thyroid produces are T3 (thyroxine) and T4 (triiodothyronine)-their jobs are to let every cell in the body know when to consume oxygen and nutrients which in turn regulates the body’s metabolism. During the metabolic process your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.

When you hear of people having “fast” or “slow” metabolism it’s due to the fact that each of our bodies are obviously different and use fuel (the food we consume) at different rates. Whenever you need more energy, the thyroid will deliver hormones to help increase your metabolism.

So what controls the thyroid? The pituitary gland, which makes sure the thyroid knows when to send out hormones by sensing if hormone levels in the blood are too high or too low- if either were to be the case then the pituitary gland would send out instructions via the thyroid-stimulating hormone.

You would think that our metabolism would stay pretty steady thanks to the pituitary gland but just like all things in life, nothing is guaranteed. Unfortunately, growths in the thyroid, chemical imbalances and certain diseases can confuse this powerful organ and make it totally disregard the commands of the pituitary gland. There are two problems that can arise if this “slip up” so to speak were to happen- hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid sends out too many hormones causing cells to be put into overdrive when it comes to consuming oxygen and nutrients. You would then experience a higher metabolism causing weight loss, constant hunger, a faster heartbeat, difficulty sleeping and even anxiety. Hypothyroidism, however, causes the exact opposite. If your thyroid sends out an insufficient amount of hormones, your metabolism slows which will then cause weight gain, sensitivity to cold, swollen joints, fatigue and feelings of depression.

In order to help support optimal thyroid function you can do things such as low-intensity exercises daily, eating a diet rich in iodine, selenium and vitamin D (think leafy greens and good fats), limiting your sugar and alcohol intake, getting good quality rest and reducing stress by forms of meditation, journaling or incorporating breathing exercises into your daily routine.

Metabolove is also an easy way to maintain your metabolism. It’s not only formulated with selenium to help regulate thyroid function but it also contains Green Tea Leaf Power to help boost energy and metabolism! By taking two capsules every morning you’ll be able to keep your metabolism on track and get a nice boost to your day all in a stimulant-free manner!

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