This week only! Get 25% off, free U.S. shipping, and a FREE bottle of Metabolove on all new subscription orders!
This week only! Get a FREE bottle of Metabolove on all new subscription orders!
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    Women Deserve More.

    You deserve clean, body-positive products for women that actually work. We make them.

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    Multivitamins That Do More

    Menopause symptom relief from a 50+ multivitamin? Yep.*

    Shop Whole Love

    Morning sickness relief from a prenatal?Yep.*

    Shop Baby Love

    Stress and PMS relief from a 18+ multivitamin? Yep.*

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    Clean Supplements and Personal Care

    From best-selling vaginal suppositories to issue-specific supplements packed with organic herbs, our innovative total body care products help you Love Yourself Well™.

    Meet Your New Must-Haves

    Daily Love Multivitamin ™ + XOmegas ™


    “Learning how to recover from vitamin deficiencies led me to found Love Wellness. Daily Love is the multivitamin I needed years ago.”

    –Lauren, Love Wellness founder Shop Daily Love

    The Killer (Boric Acid Suppositories)


    “I love that The Killer is made from one ingredient, and they really do help any little issue that pops up. I’m sensitive down there and these balance out yeast and weird bacteria so fast.”

    - Cynthia Shop The Killer

    Balanced Body Kit


    “I love the savings from subscribing to kits. This one has Bye Bye Bloat and Mood Pills, my two favorite Love Wellness supplements.”

    - Amanda Shop Balanced Body Kit

    pH Balancing Cleanser


    “I ditched my drugstore feminine hygiene cleanser for this and thank goodness I did. This cleanser is so gentle and I've never felt better.”

    - Megan Shop Ph Balancing Cleanser

    Subscriptions Are Easy with 21/90™

    It takes 21 days to build a habit, and 90 days to make it stick. Added bonus: all subscription orders ship for free.

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    Our Wellness Advisors

    Our products are researched and developed by a team of women— including doctors, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners.
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